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Electric Bicycle CE Certificate

Electric vehicle market in Europe

An electric vehicle is a two-wheeled bicycle that uses an on-board battery as auxiliary power and can implement a power assist or / and electric drive function. Europe is the world ’s largest consumer market for electric vehicles. Especially in recent years, efforts to promote environmental protection have increased, giving electric vehicles a green industry with great confidence.

The European Bicycle Manufacturers Association (EBMA) said that China exported more than 430,000 electric bicycles to the European Union in 2016, a 40% increase from 2015, and expects this number to increase to about 800,000 this year. At present, Europeans buy about 2 million electric bicycles every year. As this product becomes more and more diversified, this market continues to expand. With the prosperity of electric vehicles in the European market, the European Union has recently issued a number of standards for product safety of electric vehicles, which also means raising the global barrier for electric mopeds to enter the European market. Since 2018, the European Union has also imposed high anti-dumping duties on electric bicycles exported from China to the European market, with a maximum tariff of 79.3%.

Regulatory standards applicable to electric vehicles in Europe

Electric vehicles in Europe apply standard regulations:
BS 6102-1-1992 Part 1: Specification for safety requirements for bicycles
BS EN14764: 2005 City and trrkking bicycles-Safety requirements and test methods
EN 14766: 2005 Mountain-bicycles-Satety requirements and test methods
EN14781: 2005 Racing bicycles-Safety requirements and test methods
AS / NAS 1927: 1998 Pedal bicycles-Safety requirements
prEN 17128-2017 Non-approved light motorized vehicles for the Non-approved light motorized vehicles for the Personal light electric vehicles (PLEV)-Safety requirements and test methods / Unauthorized light motor vehicles for personal light electric vehicles (PLEV) Vehicles-Safety requirements and test methods (personal light electric vehicle / PLEV: personally light electric vehicle) (electrically power assisted cycle / EPAC: electric power assisted cycle)
EN 15194: 2017 Cycles-Electrically power assisted cycles-EPAC Bicycles / Bicycles-Electric Bicycles-EPAC Bicycles; (EPACs: Electric Bicycles)
EN14619: 2019 Roller sports equipment-Kick scooters-Safety requirements and test methods

CE certification process for electric bicycles

1. The manufacturer (hereinafter referred to as the applicant) makes an oral or written preliminary application to the testing agency;
2. The applicant completes the application form and provides the application form and product instruction manual to the testing agency;
3. The testing agency determines the test standards and test items and quotes them;
4. The applicant confirms the quotation, the two parties sign a service contract and pay the certification fee;
5. The applicant sends samples and relevant technical documents to the testing institution;
6. Product testing in laboratories and review of technical documents;
7. If the test fails or the technical documents do not meet the requirements, the laboratory will notify the applicant in a timely manner;
8. The applicant improves the product or modifies the technical documents;
9. The laboratory retests the improved product and reviews the revised files;
10. If rectification or retesting costs are incurred, the laboratory will issue a supplementary notice to the applicant;
11. The applicant is required to pay fees in accordance with the supplementary fee notification;
12. The laboratory provides the applicant with a test report and CE certification.

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