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Cylindrical battery testing and certification

Basic introduction

Cylindrical battery is a battery with high capacity, long cycle life, and wide ambient temperature. Products are used in solar lamps, lawn lamps, backup energy, power tools, toy models, and photovoltaic energy.
Divided into different systems of lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, cobalt manganese, ternary materials, the shell is divided into two kinds of steel shell and polymer, batteries with different material systems have different advantages. Steel cylindrical cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries are mainly used. The lithium iron batteries exhibit high capacity, high output voltage, good charge-discharge cycle performance, stable output voltage, high-current discharge, electrochemical stability, and safety during use. Will cause combustion or explosion due to improper operation such as overcharge, overdischarge and short circuit), wide operating temperature range, and environmentally friendly. Widely used in solar lamps, lawn lamps, backup energy, power tools, toy models.

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