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Comprehensive endurance test of automobile wiper

Basic introduction

The wiper wiper comprehensive durability test is a test to evaluate the windshield glass of a passenger car in the intended use of the wiper ability. According to the function of the inspection rules, the wiper test is divided into a wiper frequency test, a braking test and a durability test; according to the simulated environment type, the durability test is divided into a simulated rain spray environment test and a simulated spray environment test. During the test, the installation position and angle of the windshield of the car were fixed according to the actual situation, and the power of the automatic wiper was switched on, which truly simulated the state of the car in the rain and fog environment.
The wiper blade comprehensive endurance test is used to determine whether the product can meet the performance requirements of resistance to environmental impact and simulate the reliability of continuous operation by simulating the rain and fog climate environment encountered in the actual vehicle use environment. This test is widely applicable to the front and rear windshield glass of various passenger cars such as cars, MPVs, and SUVs, providing a basis for the performance and quality evaluation of their wiper blades.

Test items

Test name:
Scratch frequency test, braking test, endurance test
Applicable standards:
0GB15085-1994 "Performance requirements and test methods for electric windshield wiper and washer"
0QC / T 44-2009 "Auto windshield wiper"
o Standards and specific conditions for each OEM manufacturer
Testing requirements:
The size of the sample and fixture tooling needs to be appropriate for the size of the test platform and the test box.

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