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CQC certification

Certification Introduction

The CQC mark certification is one of the voluntary product certification services carried out by the China Quality Certification Center. By adding the CQC mark, it indicates that the product meets the relevant quality, safety, performance, electromagnetic compatibility and other certification requirements. The scope of certification is to design machinery and electrical equipment. , Electrical, electronic products, textiles, building materials and more than 500 products.


Significance of certification

1. The certificate contains high gold content and is in sync with international certification: The technical requirements of enterprises that have obtained CQC product certification are synchronized with the international equivalent product certification, which greatly increases the gold content of product certification;

2. The certification certificate is synchronized with the domestic compulsory product certification: When the relevant CQC certification products specified by the state are included in the ccc compulsory certification products, without re-testing and certification under the premise of ensuring product consistency, the CQC certificate can directly Conversion of 3C certificate;

3. Establish a brand and improve market competitiveness: Obtaining CQC product certification means that the product is securely guaranteed by the brand. Under the current situation of mixed production companies, it will help improve the visibility and competitiveness of the certified product brand and gain market entry. To increase the market share and help enterprises achieve a unified economic and social benefits;

4. Reduce product costs: CQC product certification has been widely recognized and adopted by relevant departments in various fields. After the company obtains the mark certification, it can greatly reduce repeated testing and repeated certification, reduce production and operating costs, and can also reduce the company's needs. Product risk assumed.

Applicable products

001 electronic products and components
002 household appliances accessories
003 electrical accessories
004 Lighting electrical accessories
005 power tools and accessories
006 small and medium motors and accessories
008 household appliances
009 Commercial Machinery
010 lighting appliances
011 electric wire
012 low voltage electrical
013 auto parts
014 motorcycle parts
015 tires
016 glass
017 Power system relay protection and automation device
019 Energy Meter
020 Low-voltage complete equipment and accessories
021 high voltage equipment and appliances
024 Photovoltaic (PV) and power storage products
025 Motor Vehicle Products
027 Experimental measurement and control equipment
028 earthmoving machinery and parts
029 Electric vehicle conductive charging connection device charging
030 Wind Energy Products
031 Home photovoltaic and solar thermal products
034 health products
036 Food Contact Product Safety Certification Implementation Rules
038 bicycle parts
039 unmanned aircraft
040 explosion-proof electrical products
103 Textiles
108 building products
109 sanitary ware
110 cement products
113 toys
116 mechanical products
118 electronic bidding system
123 lightning protection products
125 audio and video products (performance)
127 Electric Vehicle Charging Facility (Charging Alliance Logo
129 bearing products
130 "restricted use of toxic and hazardous substances" certification ROHS
134 non-metallic materials and parts performance mark certification
138 student supplies
140 Restricted Use of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Certification
142 Accumulators and batteries
161 Beidou Truck Networking

application process

Application acceptance
2. Data review
3.Received samples
4. Sample test
5. Factory inspection
6. Conformity assessment
7. Certificate approval
8. Certificate printing, collection, delivery and management

Application materials

1. Product manual;
2. Product specifications;
3. Product maintenance manual;
4. Product circuit diagram (including schematic diagram and printed circuit board diagram);
5. Unified explanation of the differences between the main model product and the covered model product in the application unit
6. List of key components and parts related to the safety of products and the list of main components that have an impact on electromagnetic compatibility performance;
7. A copy of the product's key safety element certification;
8. CB test certificate and report of the product (if any);
9. Product trademark authorization letter (if any).


The difference between CQC certification and CCC certification

CQC certification is a domestic voluntary certification, and CCC certification is a national compulsory certification. Generally, there is no intersection between the product range controlled by CCC certification and the product range of CQC, that is, products that need to be CCC certified cannot be CQC certified, and vice versa. For products that are not in the CCC certification catalog, many products can be CQC certified.

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