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Surveillance camera inspection certification

Basic introduction

Since the birth of camera surveillance, it has spread unnoticed by the public. To this day, it is ubiquitous and pervasive, and it is a non-negligible existence in social infrastructure.
At the same time, the development of advanced technologies led by artificial intelligence and facial recognition has greatly improved the strength of surveillance cameras. They are a guarantee of national security and a nightmare to threats in the eyes of privacy advocates, dissidents, and any other government. The whole society has put forward higher requirements for video and image information management. Security and reliable surveillance cameras are the primary concern of consumers. Therefore, surveillance cameras must be authenticated by an authoritative third-party testing and certification agency before entering the market.

Surveillance camera test project

Radiation test
Conducted interference
Power harmonics
Voltage flicker
Color reduction test
Backlight compensation
Sharpness test
Electrical performance test

Surveillance Camera Certification Project

Surveillance camera certification process

1. Confirm the inspection products and fill in the inspection application form;
2. Express test products to the laboratory;
3. Inform the merchant of payment without error;
4. The laboratory arranges tests after payment confirmation;
5. The test report is issued after the test is completed;
6. Express the test report to the merchant after the merchant confirms the capital.

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