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Jewellery test

Basic introduction

In recent years, jewelry has gradually become one of the highlights of China's export products. European and American countries have imposed strict restrictions on dangerous substances in such products. In January 2010, some media reported that high levels of "cadmium" were found in children's jewelry sold in the United States. Products are removed from shelves. On January 13, 2010, the U.S. Congress introduced a proposal on the Children's Jewelry Toxic Metals Act (H.R. 4428), which prohibits the production, sale or distribution of children's jewelry containing cadmium, barium or antimony substances in the commercial sector.

Test items

Total Lead Content: California Proposal No. 65, CPSC
Total cadmium content: ASTM E1613
Release of nickel: EN1811, EN12472, EN12471
Extractable heavy metal content: EN71-3, ASTM F963
Phthalates Test: Phthalate
Children's Jewellery: ASTM F2923-11, H.R. 4428
Physical testing (tensile, torsional, sharp points, sharp edges, small parts, etc.)

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