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LED electromagnetic compatibility test

Basic introduction

The electromagnetic compatibility of LED lamps includes three aspects of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic immunity (EMS) and electromagnetic field radiation (EMF). In order to ensure that the LED lamp can work normally in a complex electromagnetic environment and effectively prevent other devices in the surrounding environment from interfering with the normal operation of the lamp, the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance of the lamp is very important.

Certification items

Lighting certification test standards

EMI part:
CISPR15, EN55015, J55015, CNS 14115, AS / NZS CISPR15
IEC / EN610003-2, IEC / EN610003-3, GB17625.1, GB17625.2
EMS part:
IEC / EN61547, GB / T18595
IEC / EN61000-4-2, GB / T17626.2
IEC / EN61000-4-3, GB / T17626.3
IEC / EN61000-4-4, GB / T17626.4
IEC / EN61000-4-5, GB / T17626.5
IEC / EN61000-4-6, GB / T17626.6
IEC / EN61000-4-8, GB / T17626.8
IEC / EN61000-4-11, GB / T17626.11
EMF part:
EN62493: 2010

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