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Fire coating testing

Basic introduction

Beitest provides professional coating fire performance testing and analysis services, and provides professional testing reports for fireproof coatings to help you get government, fire protection, quality inspection, and customer recognition.

Testing services

Fire coating testing
Fireproof coatings for facings, fireproof coatings for steel structures, fireproof coatings for wood, fireproof coatings for concrete structures, fireproof coatings for tunnels, fireproof coatings for cables, fireproof coatings for buildings

Test items

Thickness test, fire resistance test, flatness test, fire resistance test, performance test, fineness test, drying time, adhesion test, flexibility test, impact test, drop ball test, water resistance test, component analysis, stickiness test Welding strength test, compressive strength test, cold and hot cycle resistance test, heat resistance test, damp heat test, freeze-thaw cycle test, salt spray corrosion test, coating thickness test, etc

Testing standards

GB12441-2005 facing fireproof coating GB14907-2002 steel structure fireproof coating
CNCA C18-02-2014 Implementation Rules for Compulsory Product Certification
GA / T 110-2013 General requirements for fire protection materials for building components
GB 12441-2018 decorative fire retardant coating
GB 14907-2002 fire protection coating for steel structure
GB 14907-2018 fire protection coatings for steel structures
GB 28374-2012 cable fireproof coating
GB 28375-2012 fire protection coating for concrete structure
GOST R 53311-2009 Fire resistance coatings for cables
HG / T 2680-2017 industrial magnesium sulfate
JG / T 415-2013 Hazardous Substance Limits and Detection Methods for Building Fire-resistant Coatings

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