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American ETL certification

Introduction to US ETL certification

ETL is the abbreviation of ETL Testing Laboratories Inc. Founded by Thomas Edison and established in 1896, it is an NRTL (Nationally Recognized Laboratory) recognized by the United States OSHA (Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration). After more than 100 years, the ETL mark has been widely recognized and accepted by major retailers in North America, and enjoys a high reputation like UL. The ETL mark is the exclusive mark of Intertek, the world's leading quality and safety agency. ETL inspection mark Any electrical, mechanical or electromechanical product with the ETL inspection mark indicates that it has been tested to meet relevant industry standards.


Certification scope

ETL SEMKO is part of Intertek Testing Services Co., Ltd., the world's largest product and commodity inspection organization, with 240 laboratories and 469 offices in 93 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia. ETL SEMKO provides testing and certification of product safety, EMC testing, product performance testing, and quality management for various industries such as medicine, HVAC, appliances, telecommunications, aviation, automation, semiconductors, building materials, energy generation systems, etc. System registration.
Any electrical, mechanical or electromechanical product bearing the ETL inspection mark indicates that it has been tested and complies with relevant industry standards. Each industry has different testing standards, so you must consult a professional for the requirements of a specific product. The ETL inspection mark is widely used in cable products, indicating that it has passed relevant tests.
Approval of electrical products is mandatory in most parts of the United States. ETL stands for ETL Testing Laboratories Inc. ETL ’s listed products are recognized by “Authorities Having Jurisdiction” and can be considered “approved”.

Difference between ETL and UL

1. UL and ETL both represent that the product has passed the test of the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and meets the corresponding safety standards.
2. ETL certification and UL certification have the same access to the North American market, but the cost of ETL certification is much lower than that of UL certification. Generally, it is only half of UL certification. Moreover, ETL certification product testing can be transferred through CB test reports Save you a lot of testing costs.
3. The ETL certification time is much shorter than UL certification. In special cases, ETL can first issue a certificate and then conduct a factory inspection to save valuable time for your product export.
4. UL is the most authoritative certification in the United States. On the one hand, UL is an American company and ITS is a British company.

Application information

At present, there are two ways to obtain the ETL certificate, one is to transfer through the CB test report, and the other is to apply directly. The required submissions are as follows:
1. Application form
2. Copy of CB test certificate (not required for direct application)
3. Copy of CB test report (not required for direct application)
4. Samples (4-8)
5. Other related test results and product data, such as product descriptions, photos, component lists, product performance and specifications, circuit schematics, etc. (If you pass the CB report, you need to perform a difference test)

Certificate information



ETLus mark (only us, no c): safety signs for products entering the US market cETL signs (only c, no us): safety signs for products entering the Canadian market cETLus signs: safety signs for products entering the US and Canadian markets ETL certification needs to be checked 4 times, Canada twice a year; for both, 4 times a year.

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