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Common chemical tests on textiles

Basic introduction

Beitest Chemical Testing Service can help you verify whether your products contain banned chemical substances and meet the requirements of the corresponding national products, reduce the export risk of your products, and successfully win the US market.
Chemical substances such as formaldehyde and decomposable aromatic amine dyes have been listed in many countries as prohibited chemical substances that cause harm to the human body or cause genetic mutations. The ecological safety performance of products has become whether the products can be successfully marketed and whether the company can win the market The essential.

Service Content

I. scope of application
Suitable for children, adult textiles, footwear, handbags, towels, bath towels and other products
Second, for the product
Textiles, clothing, footwear, leather, luggage, etc.
Third, technical standards
China, USA, EU, ISO, etc.
Fourth, technical requirements
PH, formaldehyde and banned azo dyes, etc.
V. Applicable objects
Manufacturers, importers, exporters, brands
Project examples
2. AZO Azo Dyes
3. PH value
Seven, test cycle
Regular: 4-5 working days

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