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Audio EN50332 sound pressure test

What is audio EN50332 test

As we all know, listening to music at a large volume for a long time can cause ear damage. EN50332 is to prevent this injury. EN50332 specifies the sound pressure, output voltage and audio stability test of portable playback equipment. The scope of the test includes all portable audio equipment with headphones or jacks and separate headphone products that require EN50332 testing.

EN50332 test classification

EN50332 is divided into two parts, EN50332-1 (the entire sound pressure test) and EN50332-2, and EN50332-2 is divided into EN50332-2-1 (player output voltage), and EN50332-2-2 (headphone Broadband characteristic voltage test). EN50332-1 includes a measurement of the maximum sound pressure level, which is aimed at the performance of the player and the headset when used together. EN50332-2 includes two tests, the maximum output voltage for the player and the broadband characteristic output voltage for the headset.
The standard stipulates that the measurement of the maximum sound pressure level needs to be repeated five times, and the headphones must be removed and fixed again each time. The average value is the final test result, and the maximum sound pressure level cannot exceed 100dB. The maximum output voltage (Maximum Output Voltage) is an unweighted effective value measured by loading the electrical signal of the player's headphone port on a 32Ω load, which requires an average time of more than 30s. Wide Band Characteristic Voltage (WBCV) refers to the voltage value of the input electrical signal when the sound pressure level of the sound at the headphones reaches 94dB. The standard stipulates that the maximum output voltage cannot be greater than 150mV and the broadband characteristic voltage cannot be lower than 75mV.

EN50332 test requirements

1. The product must be tested in a silent room (anechoic room) to avoid environmental noise. The earphone is mounted on a standard artificial ear, and a microphone is installed in the artificial ear to collect the sound emitted by the earphone. Use Audio analyser to analyze and record the maximum sound pressure value (LAeq) of each audio. The standard sound source used in the test was IEC60268-1.
2. The signal strength of audio products (CD, DVD, MP3) is -10dB, and the analogue signal cassette is -6dB. FM radio needs antenna to transmit the carrier signal (-6dB) for receiving. Adjust the volume of the audio to the maximum volume. Measure 5 times in total and take the average of 5 times.

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