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Smart door lock inspection certification

Basic introduction

Smart homes have gone through the first five years of being "hot". In 2014, Haier officially released U +, Apple released Homekit, Google acquired Nest, and Samsung won SmartTing, just as Bill Gates wrote in "The Way Forward" Once said: "In the near future, a house without a smart home system will be as unfashionable as a house that cannot access the Internet today." Smart door locks are the first and most important part of a smart home system. A ring.

Since the "little black box" incident, both smart door lock manufacturers and ordinary consumers have paid more and more attention to the safety and quality of smart door locks. Smart door locks must pass the inspection and certification of relevant national authorities to enter. market.

Smart door lock

Smart lock detection standard
At present, there are three main standards for domestic smart locks:
1. GA 374-2001 "Electronic Anti-Theft Lock Standard" issued in 2001;
2. GA 701-2007 "General Technical Conditions for Fingerprint Anti-Theft Lock" released in 2007;
3. "JG / T 394-2012 General Technical Conditions for Building Smart Locks" issued in 2012;

Smart lock inspection test items

Electrical performance
Electromagnetic compatibility
Combination coding
Extended length of bolt
The lock body bears static load and impact strength;
Power performance
Information retention and rate of misunderstanding;
Tamper-resistant alarm function;
Adaptability to mechanical environment;
Climate and environmental adaptability;
Security requirements
Stability requirements;
Service life, etc.

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