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Comprehensive solution for testing and certification of solid-state lighting pro

Basic introduction

With the trend of environmental protection and energy saving, countries around the world have continuously introduced certification and testing requirements for various solid state lighting products. In the fast-renewing international lighting market, have you fully considered the safety, electromagnetic compatibility, performance, reliability, and toxic and hazardous substances of lighting products in the process of seeking innovative advantages through continuous innovation? After the product development is completed, have the relevant certification requirements been updated? Are there additional regulatory requirements for special-purpose products? In this regard, Beitest will work with you to ensure that your products enter the global market smoothly.
SSL / LED lighting products entering the EU market must be affixed with the CE mark. In addition to the requirements of Safety and EMC, they must also meet the requirements of ErP.

certified product

Energy efficiency test

Standard: ENERGY STAR Program Requirement for SSL Luminaries, ENERGY STAR Program Requirement for Integral LED Lamps, 2009/125 / EC, EC / 244/2009
Standby power
Lumen maintenance
Power factor
Regional lumen density
Lighting efficiency
Luminous efficiency of light source
life span test

Photometric colorimetric performance test

Standards: ANSI C78.377, ANSI C82.77, IESNA LM-79, IESNA LM-80
Correlated color temperature
Luminous flux
Light distribution curve
light intensity
Color rendering index
Chromaticity coordinates
Uneven distribution of chromaticity space

Safety test

Standards: UL 8750, UL 1598, UL 1993, UL 153, UL 935, UL 1310, UL 1012, IEC / EN 60598, IEC / EN 61347, IEC / EN 60825, GB 7000, IEC / EN 62471, CIE 127, CIE 15, CIE 177, CIE 84, CIE 13.3
Protection against electric shock
Insulation resistance and electrical strength
Leakage current measurement
Temperature rise test
Glow Wire Test
Needle flame test

Electromagnetic compatibility test

Standards: EN 55015, EN61547, CFR 47 FCC Part 15/18
Space radiation
Conducted interference
Power radiation
Electrostatic discharge
Radiation immunity
Conducted immunity
Surge / Lightning Strike

Environmental reliability

Standard: IEC 60068-2-1, IEC60068-2-2, JESD22-B103JESD22-A110, JESD22-A104
High / low
Vibration & Temperature & Humidity (three integrated)
Thermal shock
Salt spray test
Vibration collision

Failure analysis

Standard: ,J-STD-002B, IPC-TM-650, ASM D5470
Glass transition temperature test
Surface foreign body analysis
Internal structure analysis
Coefficient of linear expansion test
Thermal conductivity test
Coating thickness test
Solderability test

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