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Japan giteki certification

Japan Giteki certification introduction

Japan's Giteki certification as a whole relies on Japan ’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) for the “Radio Act” and “Electric Communications Business Act” 気 ん き つ う し ん じぎ ょ う ほ う based certification.
As long as wireless products such as Bluetooth speakers, laptops, mobile phones, and Bluetooth headsets are sold in Japan, Giteki certification is required. And on the product label, the giteki logo and the issued number should be affixed or printed. Without this certification, selling directly in Japan is illegal and severe penalties will apply.

Telec's full name is: Telecom Engineering Center, a general financial corporation. In the early days, it was the first legal organization to conduct radio wave certification in Japan. As a result, some people in mainland China mistakenly believed that Japan's giteki certification was telec certification. In fact, in the early days, TELEC could only certify Giteki's radio waves, but could not certify telecommunications. Of course, in July 2014, TELEC finally obtained the certification of Japan Telecom.

Main products requiring GITEKI certification

1.Drone goods
Restricted drone products have the following characteristics: equipped with batteries, power supply units and radio equipment using radio control.
2.Smart plug products
A restricted smart plug is a plug that can be used as both a power supply device and a wireless device.
3. Home camera products
The restricted home camera has the following characteristics: equipped with a battery, a power supply unit and a radio controlled by a remote control. These cameras are sold as ultra-compact cameras, standard security cameras, hemispherical security cameras, and home surveillance systems.

Materials required for applying for giteki certification

1.System block diagram
2.Block diagram (System schematic)
3. user manual
4. Operational description
6.module schematic
7.module block diagram
8. module specification
9. Factory ISO9001 certificate (ISO 9001 certificate of manufacturer)
10.label and location sample drawing (label location and label sample Drawing or photos)
11. antenna specification (antenna specification): including antenna name, antenna form, antenna
Large gain, antenna measurement chart, antenna appearance and size chart.
Note: The information provided above must be in English / Japanese.

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