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Saudi Arabia COC certification

Introduction of Saudi Arabia COC certification

The COC certificate is a requirement of many countries. For the export of goods from Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Middle East regions, the customs of the importing country needs the importer to provide a certificate of conformity (COC, certificate of conformance) issued by the recognized international certification company. (Arab Standards Organization) stipulates that imported goods must have a COC clearance certificate. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia implements product conformity certification for domestic imports. All products are required to carry a certificate of compliance, also known as a Saudi CoC certificate, so that products can complete import clearance at Saudi customs.

COC certification basic information
Compulsory certification
No factory inspection required
Sample test: If the test report provided is not valid, a sample test is required
Need local representative

Significance of certification

· Protection of public health
· Consumer safety
· National Security
· Protection of religion and public morals
· protect environment
· Prevent fraud

Applicable product range

Controlled products include all consumer goods arriving in Saudi Arabia, except military equipment, medical devices and food.

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