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Canadian CSA certification

Canadian CSA certification profile

CSA is the abbreviation of Canadian Standards Association. Founded in 1919, CSA is the first non-profit organization in Canada to develop industry standards. Electronics, electrical appliances, and other products sold in the North American market need to obtain safety certification. At present, CSA is Canada's largest security certification agency and one of the most famous security certification agencies in the world. It can provide safety certification for all types of products in machinery, building materials, electrical appliances, computer equipment, office equipment, environmental protection, medical fire safety, sports and entertainment. CSA has provided certification services for thousands of manufacturers around the world, and hundreds of millions of products bearing the CSA logo are sold in the North American market each year.

Applicable area

Before 1992, CSA-certified products could only be sold in the Canadian market, and products that wanted to enter the US market must also obtain relevant US certifications. CSA International has been recognized by the US Federal Government as a nationally recognized testing laboratory. This means your products can be tested and certified to Canadian and US standards, while ensuring that your certification is recognized by federal, continental, provincial, and local governments.

Application process

1. Complete the preliminary application form and submit it to the CSA together with the instructions and technical data of all relevant products (including all electrical components and plastic materials);
2. CSA will determine the certification fee according to the specific situation of the product, and then notify the applicant company by fax;
3. After confirmation by the applicant company, a formal application form and notice will be sent. The notice includes the following requirements:
(1) After the formal application form is signed, the wire transfer certification fee (payable in RMB) will be sent to the office.
(2) Send the test sample to the designated place according to the notice.
4. The designated laboratories will carry out the certification work on time.
5. After the certification test is completed, a preliminary report will be issued to the applicant company, which will be detailed as follows:
(1) How can the product structure be improved to meet the standards?
(2) Other materials to be used to complete the certification report
(3) Please apply for the content of the company's simple certification record draft
(4) Steamed buns required for CSA certification and methods for obtaining steamed buns
(5) Factory testing required for the product
6. The CSA will evaluate the answer to the fifth item above;
7. At the same time, CSA will prepare a certification report for production reference and follow-up inspection.
8. At this stage, under certain circumstances, CSA will go to the factory for initial factory evaluation, referred to as IFE.
9. Finally, CSA will issue a certificate of conformity with the certification record, authorizing the applicant company to add the CSA certification mark on other products.
10. The applicant company shall sign a service agreement with CSA to show that both parties agree that CSA will go to the factory for product follow-up inspection. The applicant company is required to pay an annual fee to maintain the agreement.

Application information

1. Copy of company information form and business license
2. Product description (including but not limited to the following):
3. Product name, product model, product use.
4. Parts list Please provide the name and model, rating, and manufacturer information of product parts. If the component has obtained CSA or UL certification, please indicate the file number of the component. If there are multiple suppliers for a component, it can be provided.
5. Product performance and specifications, such as size, rated voltage, current, frequency and power.
6. Structural drawing or exploded drawing: the product's structure drawing indicates the name of the part in the drawing so as to correspond one-to-one with the parts list.
7. Provide circuit schematics: PCB schematics, product photos, instructions for use, safety matters or installation instructions.

Certificate information


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