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Battery CB certification

Introduction of battery CB certification

The CB system (IEC system for the qualification testing and certification of electrical products) is an international system operated by IECEE. The certification bodies of IECEE member states test the safety performance of electrical products based on the IEC standard. The test results are the CB test report and CB. The test certificate is mutually recognized in the IECEE member states. So far, 66 certification bodies in 51 countries and more than 270 CB laboratories under it have participated in this mutual responsibility system. The purpose is to reduce the barriers to international trade that arise from having to meet different national certification or approval criteria. IECEE is the abbreviation for International Electrotechnical Commission Conformity Testing and Certification Organization for Electrical Products.
After the company obtains the CB certificate from one of the certification bodies, due to the mutual recognition agreement, it can no longer perform repeated testing, and only perform report review and supplementary testing or national difference testing, and can be converted into the safety certification certificates of other member states.

Battery CB Certified Product Range

Portable sealed secondary battery cells and batteries (groups) containing alkaline or non-acid electrolyte
IEC62133 test standard:
Secondary cells and batteries (groups) containing alkaline or non-acid electrolytes: safety requirements for portable sealed secondary cells and batteries (groups) used in portable equipment.

Battery CB test project

1.Low rate charging
3.Temperature cycle
4. External short
5. Free fall
6. Hot punch
7. Crush the battery (front side squeeze)
8. Low voltage test
9. Overcharge test
10. Over discharge test
11. High rate charging

CB certification process

1. Fill in the application form;
2. Provide product information;
3. Send samples;
4. Test OK and submit the report to the certification body (NCB);
5. The report will be reviewed and a CB certificate will be issued after it is qualified.

CB certification advantages

In the past, most electronic and electrical products had to meet different regulations when entering countries. To obtain product safety certification in each country was a difficult and time-consuming and costly process. But now relying on the CB system, manufacturers can obtain safety certifications in 54 countries at one time, and truly implement one test to meet multiple test needs.
Manufacturers that have obtained the CB certificate can greatly reduce costs, effort and time when applying for other certifications.
1. The company obtains the CB test report and can be easily converted into certification marks such as VDE, GS, GOST-R, SASO, and Australian RCM.
2.CB test report can be easily converted into China CCC certification or voluntary certification
3. Obtaining CB certification is conducive to being directly recognized by many countries, such as Southeast Asian countries and other recognized battery product CB certification inspection standards: IEC62133:
"Safety Requirements for Single Cells (Cells) and Battery Packs Containing Alkaline or Non-Acid Electrolyte, Portable Cells, Batteries Made with the Cells, and Portable Applications"

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