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Smart socket test certification

Basic introduction

In this era of high-speed development, the development of smart home has been overwhelming. Smart home not only provides us with convenient operation, but also brings beauty and avoids the environment where the power cables are densely intertwined.
Smart sockets now generally refer to sockets with built-in Wi-FI modules that perform functional operations through the smart phone client. The most basic function is that the mobile phone client can remotely control the socket on and off and set the socket's timer switch. Smart sockets must pass the tests of authoritative third-party inspection and certification agencies to comply with relevant product safety specifications; and also represent that the production plant agrees to accept strict and punctual inspections to ensure consistent product quality before entering the market.

Smart Socket Certification Test Standard

National standard smart socket 3C certification standards: GB2099, GB1002, GB1003

American smart socket UL certification standards:

British smart socket BS certification standards: BS1363-2, EN61643-11, EN60950, EN60730
NF certification standards for French smart sockets: NF C61-314, EN61643-11, EN60950, EN60730
German smart socket VDE certification standards: VDE0620, EN61643-11, EN60950, EN60730
Australian smart socket SAA certification standards: AS / NZS 3112, EN61643-11, EN60950, EN60730
Japanese smart socket PSE certification standard: Japanese Safety Law JIS 8303

Information required for smart socket certification test

1. Product structure size chart;
2. Product exploded view;
3. Circuit diagram;
4. Circuit board wiring diagram;
5. Parts list (including part model and file number);
6. Product manual (the product parameters and functions need to be briefly explained);
7. Product photos (finished product photos and internal photos);
8. Product label (or Lable drawing).

Smart socket certification test process

1. Certification consultation
2. Business quote
3. Sign an agreement
4. Provide application product information
5.Send samples or send samples to the north test
7, formal test
8. Factory audit
9. Certificate issuance or completion statement
10.Tracking services

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