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Vietnam MIC certification

Introduction of Vietnam MIC certification

Vietnam's mic Department announced in early 2016 that all lithium batteries, including those sold independently and used in terminal products (notebook, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) will require doc Certificate (Standard No.: qcvn 101:2006 / btttt) from October 1 this year. The above products will also be required to provide the battery doc when doing the mic certification in Vietnam.

On July 4, 2016, considering that the product testing and certification cycle is too long and the battery manufacturer does not have enough time to meet the certification requirements, MIC Department issued a notice again: postpone the implementation of compulsory certification of battery products to April 1, 2017.

The following is the notice of postponement of compulsory certification of battery products by mic Vietnam:

The Ministry of information and communications of the Social Republic of Vietnam (MIC) implements mandatory TCVN / TCN standards and specifications for electromagnetic interference and communication products of information products. The electromagnetic interference part can be applied by the local supplier in the form of self declaration, and finally approved by the information department. The products can be sold in the Vietnamese market.

The corresponding IEC test standards of qcvn 101:2016 / btttt in Vietnam for battery certification are IEC61960 (2011) &ා 160; and IEC62133 (2012). [Note: these two standards need to meet the qcvn standards at the same time. ]


(1) Technical model specification table
(2) Quality declaration management system
(3) Control approval method of quality certificate or ISO9001 certificate
(4) Structural protection approval certificate
(5) Declared rated power
(6) Antenna report
(7) Test report
(8) (Block Diagram, Schematic Diagram, Bill of Material, Parts Placement, IC Data Sheets, Internal and External Photos, Product Deion, User manual, Operational / Technical Deion, Deion of Pheripherals / Accessories)
(9) Label information
(10) Power of attorney / authorization

Specific process of applying for MIC certification

1) The manufacturer provides product specifications, the laboratory confirms the quotation, and the two parties sign a cooperation contract.
2) Documents required for application: samples, product specifications, circuit diagrams, block diagrams, operation descriptions, BOM, key component certificates, application forms, etc.
3) After the materials are collected, the laboratory officially starts the certification project and arranges tests.
4) After the test is completed, a test report and certificate will be issued.
5) Normal test cycle: 2-3 weeks.

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