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Testing of foamed materials

Basic introduction

For testing of foaming materials, Beitest provides you with a full set of test solutions, including polymer foaming material testing, inorganic foaming material testing, etc., to verify the physical and chemical properties of foaming materials in various aspects, and verify the specific use of foaming materials Whether the environment meets your requirements and provides professional test reports.

Testing services

Rubber and plastic foam material testing
Polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, rigid polyurethane foam, phenolic resin foam, amino foam, epoxy foam, thermosetting acrylic resin foam, PU foam, PE foam, EVA hair Foam material, EPP foam material, EPDM foam material, EPE foam material, etc.
Sponge detection
Chemical sponge, polyurethane foam sponge, industrial sponge, foamed cotton, shaped cotton, conductive sponge, rubber cotton, memory cotton, recycled sponge, etc.
Testing of Inorganic Foam Materials
Cement foam insulation board, rock wool, water-based grouting agent, mortar foaming agent, cement foaming agent, cement sound-absorbing foaming board.
Functional foam material testing
Detection of anti-static foam material, shock-resistant pearl cotton, thermal insulation foam material, foam insulation tube.

Test items

Physical and chemical properties testing: permeability, moisture permeability, density, adhesion strength, surface roughness, Mooney viscosity, swelling, stress relaxation, resilience, refractive index, light transmittance, gloss;
Testing of mechanical properties: hardness, tensile properties, shear strength, tearing properties, compressive properties, bending properties, impact properties, friction properties, peeling properties, fatigue resistance, friction coefficient, Jimen test;
Combustion performance testing: vertical combustion, horizontal combustion, smoke density, oxygen index, melting point, Vicat softening, fire protection level;
Thermal performance testing: thermal stability, fluidity, embrittlement temperature, loss temperature, thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity;
Electrical performance testing: surface resistance, breakdown voltage, volume resistivity, dielectric loss, electrostatic performance, dielectric strength;
Aging performance: Xenon lamp aging, ultraviolet aging, hot air aging, ozone aging, salt fog aging, carbon arc lamp aging;
Environmental performance: heavy metals, ROHS / REACH, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, VOC testing, halogen testing, o-benzenes;
Reliable performance: oil and liquid resistance, salt spray test, constant temperature and humidity, high and low temperature impact, haze test, vibration test, mechanical impact test, impact test, packaging drop, compressive strength, dust resistance, waterproof, stacking test, temperature / Humidity / vibration three comprehensive test, rapid temperature change;
Biodegradability: antibacterial properties, mildew resistance, and biodegradability.

Testing standards

ASTM D3574 elastic porous material-polyurethane material
GB / T 24451 Slow rebound soft polyurethane foam
AS 2281/2282 flexible polyurethane foam for cushions and mattresses
GB / T 10802 General Flexible Polyether Polyurethane Foam
ASTM D3575 olefinic elastic porous material
JIS K6767 polyethylene foam test method
ASTM D1056 closed-cell or open-cell elastic porous material
ASTM D3575 olefinic elastic porous material

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