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Taiwan BSMI certification

Introduction of Taiwan BSMI certification

The Taiwan BSMI certification "Inspection Standard for Electrical Safety Standards for Information Products" CNS14336-1 (99 edition) has been implemented since January 1, 2012. The previous version of Taiwan BSMI certification CNS 14336 (2005 edition) is no longer applicable on the same day. Taiwan BSMI certification CNS13438 (95 full version) was announced on August 16, 2010, setting out "Inspection Standard CNS 13438" Information Technology Equipment-Radio Frequency Interference Characteristics-Limit Values and Measurement Methods "Newly implemented radiation testing above 1GHz And Telecommunications Port Conduction Test Project Inspection Regulations ", which became effective on October 1, 2010. BSMI is the acronym for" Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection "in English.
Taiwan voltage: single-phase 110V / 220, three-phase 220V, frequency 60Hz.
Taiwan BSMI certification basic information
Whether mandatory: mandatory
Test content: safety and EMC
Do you want a factory inspection: No
Local test: Yes
Local Representative: Yes
Certificate validity: 5 years (verification registration), 3 years (certification registration)
Voltage: 110Vac
Application period: Normally 3-5 weeks

Authentication mode

China Taiwan BSMI certification is compulsory and requires both EMC and SAFETY. However, BSMI currently does not have a factory inspection, but must act in accordance with the regulations of the Bureau of Standards. Therefore, the certification model of BSMI is: product inspection + registration supervision.

BSMI application method
Type approval includes two types:
1. EMC type approval (replaces the original EMC application), which will be enforced from November 1, 2002. Applicable products: 61 items of electronic and electrical products only have EMI requirements, and 124 items of electronic and electrical products only need EMI + safety report (if the products have safety requirements). Applicable standards: EMI only. The documents to be provided are (EMC type approval application, test report, technical documents: photos, labels, EMC-compatible parts, block diagrams, and manuals).

2. Type approval (EMC + Safety). From January 1, 2004, 178 types of electronic and electrical products need to apply for such approval. Applicable standards: EMC + Safety, documents required (product type approval application, company or factory license, test report, technical documents for electromagnetic compatibility: photos, labels, components with electromagnetic interference, block diagrams And user manuals and technical documents for safety regulations). Certificate validity: three years, can be renewed once.

BSMI certification registration
Enforcement date: Not yet announced, applicable standard: EMI + safety regulations. The documents to be provided are (application for product type approval, company or factory license, test report, technical documents for electromagnetic compatibility: photos, labels, components with electromagnetic interference, block diagrams and manuals, and safety technology Documents, declaration of conformity). Certificate validity: three years, can be renewed once

BSMI certification compliance statement
Enforcement date: January 18, 2002. Applicable products: 19 kinds of information technology equipment components. Applicable standard: CNS13438 (ONLY EMC). The required documents are (declaration of conformity, test report, technical documents: photos, labels, parts with electromagnetic interference, block diagrams and user manuals). No certificate. For electronic and electrical products, the three application methods provided by the Bureau of Standards are as follows:
The Declaration of Conformity applies only to some information technology equipment components (refer to the product description on the Standards Inspection Agency website)
It is up to the manufacturer of the product to apply for certification registration or type approval.

The differences between certification registration and type approval are:
Inspection method: If the product has obtained type approval, the inspection of the customer will be simplified. For products applying for certification registration, customers are not checked and random market testing is adopted.

Applicable product range

If your product falls within the following range, you need to apply for verification to expand the domestic market:
1. Compulsory Commodity Inspection Mark (CI MARK): electrical products (such as home appliances), electronic products (such as information equipment and entertainment audio-visual equipment products), mechanical products (such as power tool equipment), chemical products Products (such as tires and toys).
2. Voluntary orthographic mark (CNS MARK): Industrial products, building materials, electrical wires, household electrical appliances, automotive parts, industrial raw materials, or competitors' products that have orthographic marks.
3. Voluntary Product Verification Mark (VPC MARK): important safety components, digital set-top boxes, lamp holders, battery chargers, restricted hazardous substances, lithium batteries, electromagnetic compatibility of vehicles, sports fitness equipment, etc.

Application process

1.Fill in the application
2.Test samples
3.Issue a report
4.Report evaluation
5, issue a certificate
Application materials
1. Application
2. A copy of the applicant's certificate
3. Relevant technical documents (product circuit diagram, Layout, Label, Chinese manual, transformer specifications, inductance specifications, product appearance dimensions, parts list)

Certificate information

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