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Maternal and child health product testing services

Basic introduction

Sanitary products such as paper towels and wet wipes are necessities in life, and reliability during use is very important. Especially for products used by babies such as diapers, safety and quality are the most important concerns for consumers. It is also the production company's need to determine product satisfaction Where required by relevant regulations. Beitest one-stop solution can help you have the ideal, safe and effective product.

Service Content

I. Accreditation
1. CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment)
2. CMA (China Metrology Certification)
Test items
The sale of maternal and child health products in the Chinese market needs to comply with the corresponding national or industry standards. Our complete testing service ensures that the product meets the requirements, and provides a report with Chapter 2C, which can be used by power suppliers.
Third, other content
1. Related Products: Diapers, Tissue Paper, Toilet Paper, Wet Wipes

2. Applicable regions: China, EU, US, ASEAN

Our advantage

Leading hardware facilities and technology reserves

Relying on North Test's extensive business scope and laboratory resources, large-scale chemical and microbiology central laboratories provide strong support for fast testing services. At the same time, Beitest has a third-party testing laboratory that has been accredited by CNAS and CMA in the evaluation of Chinese cosmetics efficacy, and provides diversified and customized front-end support for enterprises.

Service Process

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