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Resin detection

Basic introduction

Resin detection resin refers to a polymer or prepolymer used as a plastic substrate. Generally insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents.

Testing services

Polyethylene detection
Testing items include polyethylene film, polyethylene pipe, polyethylene sheet, polyethylene plastic bag, and plastic bottle
Polypropylene detection
Testing items include polypropylene sheet, polypropylene plastic bag, plastic bottle, plastic bucket
Polyvinyl chloride detection
Testing items: pipes, fittings, plates, films, door and window profiles, wires and cables, etc.
Polystyrene detection
Testing items include high-impact polystyrene, ethylene foamed polystyrene, and ethylene flame-retardant foamed polystyrene
Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer (ABS) sheet, alloy of ABS and other plastics

Test items

Main testing items of resin testing:
Total chlorine content, softening point, particle size, density, transparency, ash, volatiles, pH, viscosity, strength, expansion rate, appearance, fixed words, thermal stability, flex, compression, impact, whiteness, yellowness, melting index , Fog and so on.

Testing standards

DL / T1077-2007 Styrene Ion Exchange Resin Organic Leachables Determination Method (Dynamic Method)
FZ / T01080-2009 Test method for degree of crosslinking of resin-finished fabrics
GB / T11991-2008 Ion exchange resin transition expansion rate measurement method
GB / T11992-2008 Chlorine type strong basic anion exchange resin determination method
GB / T12007.2-1989 Determination of sodium ion in epoxy resin
GB / T12007.3-1989 epoxy resin total chlorine content determination method
GB / T12007.6-1989 Method for determination of softening point of epoxy resin
GB12007.7-1989 epoxy resin gel time measurement method

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