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India TEC certification

Introduction of TEC certification in India

The "Telecom Equipment Compulsory Testing and Certification Act" issued by TEC India Telecom Engineering Center, starting from October 1, 2019, all telecommunications products, as long as they are produced, imported, distributed or sold in the Indian market, need to pass before this TEC certification.

TEC certification basic information
Whether mandatory: Yes
Do you need a local representative: Yes
Do you need local testing: Yes
Issuing authority: TEC

TEC certification mark

Relationship between TEC certification, BIS certification and WPC certification
TEC: India Telecommunication Engineering Center, full name Telecoummunicateon Engineering Center, TEC certified management and control network communication products.
BIS: It is the Bureau of Indian Standards. The full name is The Bureau of Indian Standards.
WPC: India's regulatory body for wireless regulations. Full name is Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing. WPC certification controls radio products.

Applicable product range

Communication or network equipment that interfaces with public network or wide area network (WAN) services. Common telecommunication network interfaces include T1 / E1, ISDN BRI, PRI ISDN, ADSL, serial and analog PSTN, and so on.

TEC certification scheme:
· General Certification Program (GCS)-applications must be supported by test reports that prove ER
· Simplified Certification Program (SCS)-The application displays test results when necessary and includes a Supplier Integrity Statement (SDoC).

Product categories controlled by TEC certification (including certification scheme categories)
Administrative Telephone System-SCS
NSD / ISD Public Telephone-SCS
Electronic telephone equipment-SCS
Primary Telephone System-SCS
2-line feature phone-SCS
Coin Box Phone-SCS
Terminal for connection to PSTN-SCS
Audio conference equipment-SCS
Multi-line telephone system-SCS
Group 3 fax machine-SCS
Cordless Phone-SCS
POS terminal-GCS
GPON equipment-GCS
DSL equipment-GCS
loT Gateway-GCS
Tracking Equipment-GCS
Smart Meter-GCS
Smart Watch-GCS
Smart Security Camera-GCS
LAN Switch-GCS
Phone and dongle-GCS
Mobile BTS-GCS
Compact Cellular Network-GCS
Mobile Repeater-GCS
Microwave communication equipment-GCS
UHF / VHF communication equipment-GCS
Mobile radio trunking system equipment-GCS
Device operates at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz-GCS
Satellite System Equipment-GCS
IP terminal-GCS
Media Gateway-GCS
Signaling Gateway-GCS
Session Border Controller-GCS
Soft Switch-GCS
Phone Application Server-GCS
Phone Media Server-GCS
SDH equipment-GCS
DWDM equipment-GCS

Digital Cross Connector-GCS

Classification of TEC certification
TEC certification is divided into 2 types of Interface Approval and Type Approval.
1. Interface Approval is based on Interface Requirements (IR) standards issued by TEC.
2. Type Approval is based on Generic Requirements (GR) standards issued by TEC.

TEC test requirements

· Security requirements: Security requirements
· Technical requirements:
· Safety: safety
· EMI / EMC: electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic compatibility
· Other requirements:

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