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Testing of plastic products

Basic introduction

Cover all-round plastic products, and provide authoritative third-party CMA / CNAS qualification test reports based on physical and chemical indicators, mechanical, thermal, electrical, and weathering resistance according to domestic and foreign testing standards.

Testing services

Plastic container inspection
Trash bins, storage boxes, plastic buckets, plastic basins, plastic bottles, plastic boxes, etc.
Plastic tray inspection
Intermodal pallets, plastic pallets, paper-based flat pallets, plastic-wood pallets, etc.
Food grade plastic products testing
Plastic lunch boxes, plastic cups, plastic tableware, plastic drinking buckets, etc.
Testing of other plastic products
Nylon ropes, ropes, plastic electrodes, plastic parts, glass reinforced septic tanks, etc.

Test items

Physical and chemical indicators: appearance, internal pressure damage, hydraulic failure pressure, longitudinal shrinkage rate, toxic and harmful substance content, monomer residue, pH value, acid value, hydrolytic acid value, hydroxyl value, degree of crosslinking, chlorine content, etc.
Mechanical properties: tensile strength and elongation, tensile elastic modulus, flexural strength, flexural elastic modulus, compressive strength, cantilever impact strength, simply supported beam impact strength, shear strength, tear strength, peel strength, Puncture performance, Shore hardness, Rockwell hardness, ball indentation hardness, drop weight impact, environmental stress cracking resistance, etc.
Thermal properties: melting point, oxidation induction time, melt flow rate, thermal deformation temperature, Vicat softening temperature, linear expansion coefficient, oxygen index, thermal stability, softening point, etc.
Electrical properties: dielectric constant, dielectric loss factor, volume resistivity, surface resistivity, etc.
Weather resistance: aging test (ultraviolet, xenon lamp, carbon arc lamp, etc.), salt spray test (neutral salt spray, acid salt spray), liquid resistance test (water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, organic solvent resistance, oil resistance Etc.), heat aging, etc.

Testing standards

BB / T 0043-2007 plastic logistics turnover box
QB / T 1434-1992 plastic extrusion stretch net
QB / T 1868-2004 polyethylene terephthalate (PET) carbonated beverage bottle
QB / T 2665-2004 polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle for hot filling
QB / T 1256-1991 PVC non-woven fabric floor leather
JB / T 7898-1999 soft tape filled with polytetrafluoroethylene rail
CJ / T280-2008 General technical requirements for plastic trash cans

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