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Taiwan NCC certification

Introduction of NCC certification in Taiwan

NCC stands for National Communications Commission. It is established for the Taiwan Communications Commission and for the development of communications in Taiwan. It is mainly responsible for frequency management, radio wave detection, network domain names and websites, and related international exchanges and cooperation. Communication and information equipment in the Taiwan market circulation and use must apply for Taiwan NCC certification.

Basic information of NCC certification in Taiwan
Whether mandatory: mandatory
Test content: RF
Do you want a factory inspection: No
Local test: Yes
Local Representative: Yes
Certificate validity: 5 years
Voltage: 110Vac
Certification cycle: 4-5 weeks

Certification label
Taiwan NCC certification certification label
CC: It is a fixed code used to distinguish the types of equipment imported from customs.
XX: table verification authority (structure): expressed in English letters.
xx: year of the table: 07 in 2007, 08 in 2008 ... and so on.
YY: table device type.
yyy: table number: each year increases sequentially from 001-999.
Z: watch series number
z: table verification method
W: check code

NCC certification label style production instructions
1. It should be affixed or printed on the equipment with proper proportions. There is no maximum / minimum size requirement. The principle is clarity.
2. This NCC certification mark, together with the certification number, should be affixed to the product in accordance with regulations. Its frequency is single and must be clear and easy to identify.

Applicable product range

Taiwan NCC Certified Product Range

Public switched telephone network equipment (PSTN)
Wired telephone (including VOIP network telephone), automatic alarm equipment, telephone recorder, fax machine, teletypewriter, remote control device, wired telephone wireless master and slave, user-owned dedicated switchboard, key phone system, computer telephone integration equipment, data Equipment (ADSL terminal equipment and splitter), incoming call display terminal equipment, 2.4GHz radio frequency telecommunication terminal equipment, DS1 / T1 / E1 terminal equipment, etc.

2. Land Mobile Communication Network Equipment (PLMN)
Radio calling system terminal equipment, mobile data terminal equipment, relay wireless telephones, GSM mobile telephones and terminal equipment, DCS1800 mobile telephones and terminal equipment, third and fourth generation mobile communication terminal equipment (third generation The mobile communication (3G) business license will expire in accordance with the law on December 31, 2018).

3. Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
ISDN digital telephone, ISDN personal computer add-in card, ISDN G4 fax machine, ISDN video telephone, ISDN terminal adapter, ISDN terminal adapter module, ISDN PABX, other ISDN user terminal equipment, etc.
Low Power RF Motor Products
Wireless network (WLAN) products (including IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n), UMII, Bluetooth products, RFID (125kHz ~ 134kHz, 13.56MHz, 27MHz, 922MHz ~ 928MHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz), ZigBee, wireless keyboard , Wireless mouse, wireless headset microphone, radio walkie-talkie, radio remote control toys, all kinds of radio remote controls, all kinds of wireless anti-theft devices, Family Radio Service (FRS), etc.

application process

1. The entrusting party provides product information to the North Test and Inspection Agency for evaluation and quotation;
2. The entrusting party confirms the sign-off quotation, completes the application form, provides samples, information, arranges the payment (the first paragraph), and opens the case;
3. Arrange product forecast and review the data;
4. If there is a problem with the test or data, arrange rectification and retest until it is qualified;
5. After the test and data are qualified, the issuing agency conducts a witness test;
6. After the witness test is completed, the issuing agency issues a test report and issues the permit;
7. The client pays the balance (the final payment), obtains the certificate report, and closes the case.

Note: NCC certification does not accept foreign test reports and certificates.
Until the applicant has assigned a local agent, the foreign manufacturer can temporarily serve as the holder of the certification. But if you want to handle and complete the business of importing products, you still need a local agent.

Application materials

1. Application form;
2. Test report of test samples;
3. Chinese or English instruction manual or operation guide;
4. Chinese or English specifications;
5, circuit diagram or block diagram;
6. Registration certificate of profit business;
7. In addition, foreign manufacturers need to provide legal company establishment certification and telecommunications control radio frequency equipment operating license.

Certificate information

Certification fee

Telecommunication terminal equipment NCC certification fee standard
Inspection fee
The inspection fee varies according to the purpose (commercial and personal use).
License fee

The license fee includes the certification fee and the certificate of compliance certificate.

Low power RF motor NCC certification fee standard
Inspection fee
The inspection fee varies according to the purpose (commercial and personal use).
License fee

The license fee includes: the type certification certificate license fee, the certificate of compliance certificate fee, and the declaration of conformity certificate license fee.

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