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EU Food Contact Material Testing

Basic introduction

Understanding the safety management models and laws and regulations related to foreign food contact materials and strengthening the quality control of food contact materials are of great significance to Chinese companies' foreign trade.
As an internationally recognized inspection, appraisal, testing and certification agency, Beitest has always been at the forefront of the industry. With our global network of technical support platforms, we have created the core competitiveness of Beitest today. Relevant professionals of Beitest worldwide can share the food contact material regulations in their countries and provide a comprehensive one-stop solution worldwide. Help enterprises reduce the risk of violations and enter the international market smoothly.

Business challenge

At present, food safety problems caused by food contact materials containing harmful substances frequently occur, and proper terms such as "plasticizer, bisphenol A, heavy metals" have repeatedly appeared in the public view. The issue of security is receiving increasing attention from all walks of life.
Food contact materials have dual meanings for food safety: first, suitable materials can protect food from external contamination, and keep the characteristics of food's moisture, composition, and quality unchanged; second, the chemical composition of the material itself will Migration occurs in food, and when the amount of migration exceeds a certain limit, it will affect the health and safety of food in contact with it. Does your product meet EU food contact material requirements? If you have not understood the testing requirements of EU food contact materials, or want to know this information, or have not obtained the test report, please feel free to consult us, Beitest will do our best to serve you.

Service Content

I. applicable product range
Food contact materials in kitchen appliances.
2. Routine sample requirements
The finished product, the required quantity depends on the product shape, size and specific testing project requirements.
Test Standards
Different projects correspond to different test standards, such as EN 1186, EN 13130, EN 1388, and so on.


In response to the different requirements of food contact materials in various countries and regions around the world, North Test provides a comprehensive one-stop solution for food contact materials for electronic and electrical products:
Material / component testing
2. Machine test
3. Training and consulting services

We will assist manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers to reduce the risk of non-compliance and ensure your products enter the international market. (See below)

Our advantage

Report sample

Common problem

1. What are food contact materials and food contact products?
Answer: Food contact material (FCM) is a material that comes into contact with food under normal or foreseeable conditions of use. Some or all parts are products made of food contact materials. They can be called food contact products, such as electric kettles, coffee machines, rice cookers, soup spoons, food packaging bags, etc.
2. Why do food contact products not only need to meet general environmental protection requirements, but also meet higher safety standards?
Answer: In the process of food contact materials in contact with food, it may affect the odor, taste and color of food, and may release a certain amount of toxic and harmful ingredients such as heavy metals, additives, polymer monomers, and these chemical components will migrate. Into food and then ingested by the human body, directly harm human health. Therefore, food contact materials need to meet higher safety standards than general products.
3. In addition to the EU market, which other markets in the world have mandatory regulations on the health and safety of food contact materials?
Answer: Because food contact materials are related to food safety, currently the major global markets including the European Union, China, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions have made mandatory regulations for the health and safety of food contact materials. In particular, it should be noted that the specific requirements of different markets are quite different, and some are even incomparable. Therefore, when food contact products enter different markets, they need to evaluate their compliance separately for the specific requirements of different markets.

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