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Student supplies testing

Basic introduction

China is the world's largest production base for student supplies. In recent years, many novel and colorful student supplies have appeared on the market. Compared with previous student supplies, they have the following four distinctive features: multifunctional, high-end, simple and practical, and toy. However, because of the variety of materials and the ever-changing appearance of this type of product, the focus of attention is on its beauty and innovation, and the potential hazards derived from it are also many. Countries have also formulated special safety and environmental regulations for these student supplies, which have played an important role in improving product quality and protecting consumers.
Student supplies test, QB / T2858-2007 test, student bag test standard: QB / T2858-2007. Beitest Testing supplies authoritative student bag test reports.

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① Beitest has a qualified and experienced professional and technical team to provide you with professional consulting and services.
② North Test has advanced laboratory equipment to ensure accurate and reliable test data.
③ North Test provides you with a one-stop testing and certification solution by virtue of network online services throughout the world.
④ Beitest is a third-party testing and certification organization that you trust and a certificate of your quality.

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