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Plastic building materials testing

Basic introduction

Including plastic plates, geotechnical materials, insulation materials, foam plastics, waterproof coils and other products, Beitesting provides comprehensive, professional and accurate plastic construction material testing and analysis services, and authoritative testing reports.

Testing services

Plastic sheet inspection
PP board, polypropylene board, PP cutting board, PP cutting board, stamping board, punching board, etc .; high-density polyethylene board (HDPE board); hollow board, solid board, hollow board, etc .; rigid PVC board, PVC transparent Board, PVC flexible board, PVC welding rod, PVC plastic board, etc .; acrylic board, etc .; ABS board, plastic composite board, aluminum-plastic composite board, floor coil, fireproof material, insulation material, wood-plastic decorative board, etc.
Geomaterial testing
Impervious geotextile, composite geotextile, coated geotextile, waterproof geotextile, etc.
Insulation plastic inspection
Plastic insulation materials: injection-type insulation plastic, high-electricity insulation plastic, high-frequency insulation plastic, chemical-resistant insulation plastic, moisture-resistant insulation plastic, impact-resistant insulation plastic, arc-resistant insulation plastic, leak-resistant insulation plastic, and high-temperature insulation Plastic, ammonia-free insulation plastic, flame-resistant insulation plastic, etc.
Waterproof coil detection
1. Polymer waterproof membrane: EPDM waterproof membrane, PVC waterproof membrane (PVC waterproof membrane), EVA waterproof membrane, PE waterproof membrane, ECB waterproof membrane, etc .; 2. Asphalt waterproofing Coil 3. Polymer modified waterproofing membrane.
Foam inspection
Rigid foam: polystyrene foam, rigid polyurethane foam, phenolic resin foam, amino foam, epoxy foam, thermosetting acrylic resin foam, rigid plastic foam inspection, etc.
Plastic pipe inspection
PPR pipe, PVC pipe, UPVC pipe, fiber pipe, composite pipe, hose, reducer, water supply pipe, water supply pipe, galvanized steel pipe, copper pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe, ABS plastic pipe, polyethylene pipe, polypropylene Pipes, drainage pipes, GPR polyester resin pipes, glass fiber reinforced polyester resin pipes, polyethylene pipes, PVC plastic pipes, etc., heating and gas pipes: galvanized steel pipes, CPVC plastic pipes, ABS plastic pipes, polyethylene pipes, etc.

Test items

Physical properties: density, thickness, size, water absorption, toughness, etc .; mechanical properties: hardness, stiffness, elastic modulus, elongation at break, friction properties, tensile, compressive strength, etc .; thermal properties: thermal stability, melting Temperature, expansion coefficient, oxidation index, etc .; Electrical properties: electrical insulation, dielectric constant, dielectric loss, etc .; Environmental properties: acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, solvent resistance, etc .; Aging test: high and low temperature resistance , Salt spray test, ultraviolet aging, heat aging performance, etc. Detection of harmful substances: soluble heavy metals, o-phenyl plasticizers, formaldehyde, REACH, ROHS, etc .;
Density testing, melt mass flow rate testing, thermal stability testing, volatile content testing, moisture testing, carbon black testing, carbon black dispersion testing, pigment dispersion testing, gas component resistance testing, fast crack propagation resistance testing, Slow crack growth resistance test, hydrostatic strength test, fracture elongation test, longitudinal shrinkage test, ring stiffness test, impact performance test, ring flexibility test, oven test, creep ratio test, hydrostatic test, drop hammer Impact test, hygienic performance test, environmental stress cracking test, oxidation induction time test, Vicat softening temperature test, flat test, dichloromethane immersion test, system suitability test, dimensional change rate test, tensile strength test, acetone immersion Testing, burst pressure testing, tensile yield strength testing, drop testing, bending testing, apparent density testing, tensile testing, flattening testing, carbon black content testing, long-term mechanical performance testing, compressive strength testing, water absorption testing, Thermal conductivity, foam closed cell detection, aging test, environmental protection test, life evaluation  Wait.
Physical properties: density, thickness, size, water absorption, toughness, etc. Mechanical properties: hardness, stiffness, elastic modulus, elongation at break, friction performance, tensile, compressive strength, etc.
Thermal properties: thermal stability, melting temperature, expansion coefficient, oxidation index, etc. Electrical properties: electrical insulation, dielectric constant, dielectric loss, etc.
Environmental performance: acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, solvent resistance, etc.Aging test: high and low temperature resistance, salt spray test, ultraviolet aging, heat aging performance, etc.
1. Water resistance (detection indicators: impermeability, water absorption, soluble content, etc.)
2. Temperature stability (detection index: heat resistance, heat resistance, etc.)
3. Mechanical properties (testing indicators: tensile force, tensile strength, elongation at break, tearing performance, etc.)
4. Flexibility (detection indicators: flexibility, low temperature bendability, etc.)
5. Environmental reliability (aging performance, thermal aging performance, salt spray test, ozone test, thermal aging retention rate, etc.)

Testing standards

GB / T 11785 Radiation heat source test of paving materials
GB / T 8626 Test method for flammability of building materials
GB / T20284 single burning test of building materials or products
GB / T 14402 Test method for calorific value of building materials

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