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Product safety testing and certification

Basic introduction

Beitest safety regulations adhere to the quality policy of "fair, scientific, accurate, and efficient". Through the service to the majority of electronics manufacturers and domestic and foreign certification agencies, it has established advanced and complete testing equipment and experienced professionals for testing and certification. System, and established a good cooperative relationship with international authoritative certification institutions. Assist manufacturers to solve the safety problems in the initial stage of product development and design, assist manufacturers to apply for and obtain UL, CE, FDA, CSA, PSE, EKMark, CCC, TUV-GS, CB, SAA, SONCAP, SASO and other product safety certifications. Provide customers with high-quality and fast services for safety, reliability, environmental protection and cost control.

Service area

Assist customers to eliminate potential safety hazards during the product design phase, such as circuit clearances, creepage distances, safety isolation, etc., and evaluate structural design to avoid huge losses in mold modification.
Conduct electrical tests, structural evaluations, and audit reports in advance for product certification.
Communicate with the certification agency on behalf of the client, and execute the application documents on behalf of the client, which can save application time and reduce customer's trouble.
Assist customers to deal with problems arising from factory audits and coach customers on factory audit related matters.
Assist manufacturers in training SAFETY personnel
Consultation on SAFETY regulations and standards in various countries
Lab rental

Product Safety Certification Project

Audio and video equipment
IT and office
Household appliances
Power products (including rechargeable batteries)
In-line power adapter pin test

Test items

Temperature rise test: The temperature rise test includes the product's heating under normal working conditions and abnormal or component abnormal conditions.
Material reliability test: tide test, ball pressure test, high and low temperature test, glow wire, needle flame test, temperature impact test, etc.
Anti-shock performance test: measurement of dangerous voltage, working voltage, LPS, LCC, high voltage test, grounding test, surge test, structural inspection, etc.
Mechanical reliability test: stability, push-pull and torque test, weight measurement
Pin test: size, structure, temperature rise, material test, roller test, gauge test
Battery test: squeeze, impact, short circuit, abnormal charge and discharge, 250N stabilization force, thermal cycle, combustion, drop, spray, low rate continuous charging, high and low temperature performance, charge retention, cycle life, temperature test, 1.2m drop, etc.

Global Product Certification

International certification: CB
Americas: cULus, cETLus, cCSAus, cTUVus, DOC, NOM, SEC / INN, IRAM, S-mark, INMETRO
Europe: CE, R & TTE, GS, TUV-mark, BEAB, BSI, E-mark, MPRII, TCO, CR-TU (EAC, CU)
Australia and Africa: SAA, SON, LOA, SABS

Product Energy Efficiency Certification

North Test conforms to the global green industry development trend and has established an energy efficiency testing laboratory. In addition to high-precision digital power meters, Beitest Energy Efficiency Lab is also equipped with electric light source test systems, electronic ballast performance analysis systems, high-definition digital TV signal generators, chroma luminance meters, and optical darkrooms for measuring the energy of various electronic products Take advantage of advanced equipment. Relying on strong technical resources and rich experience in global certification services, Beitest provides credible and reliable energy efficiency test results to assist manufacturers to improve the energy efficiency of their products and promote the development of energy-saving technologies.
North America: US Energy Star, CEC, US Department of Energy DOE, 80 Plus, DLC, Canada NRCan
Europe: European Energy Mark ErP Directive
Asia Pacific: China Energy Efficiency Label, China Energy Conservation Certification
Australia: GEMS
South Korea: MEPS, E-standy

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