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Rhine cTUVus certification

Rhine cTUVus certification profile

The cTUVus certification mark provides customers with a clear and straightforward approach to product safety, enabling their products to successfully enter the US and Canadian markets. North American Germany Rhein has been put on file and can perform the verification and product testing services of the American ANSI / UL standard and Canadian national standard.


Technical Information

Frequency: 60Hz Voltage: Single-phase 120V (used in the United States and Canada, measuring between fire and ground wires, providing 15 or 20A protection line); 240V (measuring between water and fire wires, generally available)
Voltage: Three-phase 208 / 240V
Plug structure: NEMA 5-15P and 6-15P plug standards are used in the United States and Canada. These straight blade plugs in the United States are clearly described in NEMA (National Association of Electronic Manufacturers) WD6 and incorporated into UL498. Canadian plug and socket standards are mentioned in CSA Publication C22.2, No. 42.

Applicable product range

Germany's authorized projects include: office equipment, information technology, business machines, audiovisual equipment, home appliances, experimental equipment, medical equipment, test and measurement devices, and control equipment.
The German and American certification marks of Rhein are the same as other US NRTL (such as UL, CSA, etc.). As far as the US and Canadian markets are concerned, only Germany's Rhein has the ability to test and verify products.

Germany's Rhein issues TUVus certification mark for products in the U.S. market
Germany's Rhein issues cTUV certification mark for products in the Canadian market

When the TUVus and cTUV logos are used together, customers can mark a single logo cTUVus on the product, which can prove that this product meets the requirements of the US and Canadian markets.

Certificate information


Factory inspection

TUVus' factory inspections are conducted four times a year and cTUV is inspected twice a year. If both are applied, the factory inspection is four times a year. This inspection can be combined with other certificates such as TUV / GS, Japan S-Mark or Argentina S-Mark.


Certification cycle
Review time: 4 weeks after all documents are provided

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