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Lithium manganate battery testing and certification

Basic introduction

Lithium manganate battery refers to the battery using lithium manganate as the positive electrode. The nominal voltage of lithium manganate battery is 2.5 ~ 4.2v. Lithium manganate battery is widely used because of its low cost and good safety. 2018 is the inflection point for lithium batteries in electric bikes. In the future, the demand for lithium batteries on electric bikes will increase year by year. At present, the demand for lithium batteries is mainly concentrated in lithium manganate batteries, ternary batteries, or two types of batteries. Some companies that are optimistic about lithium manganate batteries say that it is the general trend that lithium batteries will replace lead-acid batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries in the future electric bicycle market, and lithium manganate batteries will easily take the lead due to their multiple advantages in performance and price. Lithium-acid batteries also have good expectations in other areas. After the new energy subsidy policy is completely withdrawn from the market, the cost advantage of lithium-manganese-acid batteries will be greatly reflected. Its power tools and power vehicles may also have breakthroughs. At present, Has become one of the main forces in the field of new energy bus batteries.

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