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Australian A-Tick certification

Australian A-Tick certification profile

A-Tick is an authentication mark issued by the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) for communication equipment.
A-Tick certification basic information
Nature of certification: compulsory certification
Do you need a factory inspection: No
Do you need a local agent: Yes
Technical information: 240V / 50Hz

Certification requirements

1. Import and export must use A-Tick according to the following steps:
(1) The product performs ACA technical standard test;
(2) Register with ACA to use A-Tick;
(3) Fill in the "Declaration of Conformity Form" and keep it with the product compliance record;
(4) A-Tick logo on communication products or equipment;
(5) Sales to consumers.

2.A-tiok requirements for telecommunications equipment
 In accordance with Part 21 of the Australian Telecommunications Act 1997, Qu Australia's Communications and Media Authority Hu Tu is responsible for the technical management of telecommunications consumer devices and consumer connections. For this purpose, ACMA introduced a self-management system based on product labels and compliance with relevant technical standards. This system was implemented in accordance with the Telecommunications Label Bulletin 2001. The main purpose of compliance requirements is to ensure that such products comply with the relevant technical standards required by regulatory authorities and are properly labeled before being provided or connected to a telecommunications network. Relevant technical standards relate to the health and safety of users and operators of integrated telecommunications networks, the availability of interconnection of telecommunications networks that provide standard telephone services, and the implementation of emergency call services.
Australian manufacturers and importers or their authorized agents must affix the A-tiok label or non-compliant label to the products specified in the label announcement.

Applicable product range

Any consumer device and consumer connection that can connect to the operator's or operator's public telecommunications network is a telecommunications product as defined in the label announcement, such as answering machines, mobile phones, fax machines, telephones (including cordless phones) ), Modems, etc. Except for three-phase power supply and large-scale communication products, telecommunications products belong to the business scope of STEK.

Relationship between SAA certification, C-Tick, A-Tick and RCM

SAA certification is for the control of safety regulations, C-Tick certification is for EMC and radio products, and A-Tick certification is for telecommunications products. The RCM mark is a certification mark introduced in 2013. After the product has obtained safety certification and electromagnetic compatibility registration, it can obtain the RCM mark through the safety certification regulatory agency. From March 1, 2016, all electrical and electronic products sold must start using the RCM logo; the A-tick and C-tick logos will be replaced. RCM can be understood as a registration system, including SAA and C-TICK.

Application process materials

1. Samples;
2. Product information;
3. Application form;
4. Sign an agreement;
5. Pay the corresponding amount;
6. Test it;
7. Issue a report;
8. Receive reports and certificates.

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