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SRRC certification

Certification Introduction

The full name of SRRC is the State Radio Regulation Committee, that is, the National Radio Management Committee. In 1998, the National Radio Monitoring Center and the National Radio Spectrum Management Center merged to form the National Radio Monitoring Center of China.

In 1999, the Chinese government established special frequency ranges for different types of radio transmitting equipment, and not all frequencies were legally used in China. That is, all radio transmitting equipment sold or used in China will stipulate different frequencies. In addition, applicants must pay attention to the specified scope of certain radio transmitting equipment, not only to apply for "radio type approval certification", but also to apply for China Compulsory Certification (CCC) and / or network access license (MII) approval.
That is, SRRC certification (also known as SRMC certification) can be understood as radio type approval certification.

SRRC certification mark

No special mark, just a set of model approval code (CMIIT ID: XXXXXXXXXX)

SRRC certification authority
Issuing authority: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China
Issuer: Radio Administration, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Detection unit: State Radio Monitoring Center (SRMC)

Significance of certification

In order to strengthen the management of the import and production of radio transmission equipment, all radio transmission equipment exported to the People's Republic of China, or radio transmission equipment manufactured in the People's Republic of China (including trial production), must hold The State Radio Regulation Committee (SRRC) issued a Radio Approval Equipment Model Approval Certificate after the model approval of its transmission characteristics, and the type approval code (CMIIT ID) must be marked on the label of the factory equipment before it can be marketed. In layman's terms, only radio transmitting equipment with the type approval code for radio transmitting equipment in China can be sold and used in China.

At present, some e-commerce platforms have issued SRRC certification requirements for related products. Please pay attention to relevant enterprises to avoid being removed from the shelves because they do not provide SRRC certificates in the future. In addition, the subsequent national and local spot checks for type approval certification will become more and more stringent! Many companies have reported that they have been spot checked by relevant departments.

Applicable product range

I. Public mobile communication equipment
1. GSM / CDMA / Bluetooth mobile phone
2. GSM / CDMA / Bluetooth fixed telephone
3. GSM / CDMA / Bluetooth module
4. GSM / CDMA / Bluetooth network card
5. GSM / CDMA / Bluetooth data terminal
6. GSM / CDMA base station, amplifier, repeater

2.4GHz / 5.8 GHz wireless access equipment
1. 2.4GHz / 5.8GHz wireless LAN equipment
2.2.4GHz / 5.8GHz wireless LAN card
3. 2.4GHz / 5.8GHz spread spectrum communication equipment
4. 2.4GHz / 5.8GHz wireless LAN device Bluetooth device
5.Bluetooth devices (keyboard, mouse, etc.)

Third, the private network equipment
Digital radio
Public walkie talkie
3. FM Handheld
4. FM base station
5. Terminal without center equipment

Digital trunking products
Mono FM broadcast transmitter
2. Stereo FM broadcast transmitter
3. Medium wave AM broadcast transmitter
4. Shortwave AM Broadcast Transmitter
5. Analog TV transmitter
6. Digital broadcasting transmitter
7. Digital TV transmitter

Five, microwave equipment
Digital microwave communication machine
2. Central / terminal station of point-to-multipoint digital microwave communication system
3. Central / terminal station of point-to-point digital microwave communication system
4. Digital Relay Communication Equipment

Six, other radio transmitting equipment
Paging transmitter
Two-way paging transmitter

Micro-power (short-range) radio equipment does not require SRRC certification. For example, toys such as 27MHz and 40MHz remote control aircraft and remote control vehicles do not need to apply for radio type approval certification. But still need to pay attention to the requirements of national standard electric toys, including Bluetooth, WIFI technology toy products have related requirements.

Application process

Application materials

1. Application form (two copies)
2. Power of Attorney (two copies)
3.Customer's Business License
4. Client's ISO certificate or company profile and company capability description
5.Product circuit diagram, instruction manual, specification
6.Antenna Peak Gain and Antenna pattern
7. Business license of the company and business license of the manufacturer (the applicant and the manufacturer need to provide an OEM agreement)
8.Six faces of the sample (must include each interface and each side)

Certificate information

Certification fee

As the SRRC test fee has been cancelled, companies can apply for free. As the application process is more complicated, companies should prepare in advance. Carrying out pre-testing can greatly increase the application approval rate! Avoid subsequent costs due to failure to pass the test or delay the certification process.

SRRC certification fees, interpretation of SRRC's free policy

According to the latest policy, SRRC certification is implemented at no charge. After the products pass the test, they can pass the SRRC certificate. If the test result is unsatisfactory, a test fee will need to be paid. Once the sample test results are unsatisfactory, you need to re-apply: the enterprise submits a model certification application-officially accepted by the state agency-the company pays a deposit to the designated test agency-product testing. This will seriously lengthen the certification cycle and affect product launch.

In short, although the new policy application is free, the application cycle cannot be as guaranteed as before. The commissioned testing and certification agency spends the commissioned service fee to help customers get the SRRC certificate in the least amount of time.


SRRC certification test project
The product's emission frequency is different, and the content of detection is also different. The main detection items are: power, spectrum range, frequency tolerance, bandwidth, stray radiation, etc.
1. The type of equipment under test shall have test procedures, methods, standards, conditions, test connection block diagrams, special test accessories, and recent test reports (copies or copies may be used)
2. If the transmitting port of the device under test belongs to a non-standard interface, you need to provide the text or chart basis for the test equipment test connection cable and the cable attenuation value stamped by the company ’s seal.
3. If necessary, the applicant must send engineering and technical personnel to cooperate with the test
4. It is recommended that companies conduct pre-tests on samples before sending them for inspection to increase the pass rate of tests!

SRRC certification cycle
SRRC certificate period: about 8 weeks; validity period: five years

SRRC certification application timing and considerations
· There will be spot checks of market supervision, no factory inspection
December 4, 2018-January 31, 2019, during the self-inspection stage (if you do not have a model approval certificate, you can apply to the corresponding testing agency)
· February 1, 2019-March 31, 2019, the first round of spot checks. (Unqualified merchandise is placed in the counter. After qualification, you can apply for the counter).
· On February 1, 2019, the key category system is configured with single product qualification management. When updating, you need to submit a single product model calibration certificate in the VC system.
Special reminder: To avoid traffic jams during certification, please prepare certification applications in advance.

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