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Textile composition testing

Basic introduction

This component test is mainly used to determine the types of fibers in textiles and the content ratio in textiles.
The content of textile components is an important basis for judging the compliance of textiles, and there are clear requirements in the standards and regulations of many countries. Especially in China's quality spot check, fiber content is the primary factor that causes textiles to fail.
Beitest's textile component content test can help you verify the consistency of the fiber component label and product composition by determining the type of fiber and the proportion of fiber component in your product, reducing the circulation risk of your product and winning market trust.

Service Content

I. scope of application
Yarns, fabrics, cashmere products, children's clothing, adult clothing, home textiles, etc.
Second, for the product
Yarns, fabrics, textiles, clothing, etc.
Third, technical standards
China, USA, EU, ISO, etc.
Fourth, technical requirements
Qualitative analysis and quantitative testing
V. Applicable objects
Manufacturers, importers, exporters, brands, retailers
Examples of test items
1. Identification of fiber composition
2. Fiber composition and content
Seven, test cycle
Regular: 4-5 working days
Number of samples
0.5 meter fabric or 1 finished product

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