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Chinese robot CR certification

Certification Introduction

The full name of CR certification is "China Robot Certification". It is a certification that is planned, creative, designed and finalized under the joint guidance of the main members of the steering committee of the National Assessment Center, such as the National Development and Reform Commission, the Accreditation Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Standards Commission. New certification for robotics products. The full name of CR certification is "China Robot Certification".

CR certification mark
· Robot Certification
· China Robot Certification

· China Robot

The meaning of the CR mark
The overall image of the CR logo evolved from the nested letter R in the letter C, pictographically, showing a vivid robot image in a full circle. The letter C is the first letter of China and Certification, and R is the first letter of Robot. The logo can be interpreted as Robot Certification and China Robot Certification, which indicates that with the booming development of the robot industry and the continuous expansion of application fields, quality issues such as robot safety and reliability have attracted widespread public attention.

Experts say that the round sign represents protection and infinity, completeness and integrity. The flexible robot moves freely in a circle, which means that the robot industry is full of unlimited energy and power under the escort of certification. It also means that the industry is booming and the future is harmonious.

The orange color of the CR logo is widely used in safety colors. It has seriousness and professionalism, which means that the influence and credibility of robot certification can be demonstrated. In the future, the "China Robot Certification (CR)" mark will be used as the unified mark for Chinese robot certification. Approved robot product certification agencies will use the mark for robot certification. This will help establish a unified image of Chinese robot certification Easy to identify, publicize, adopt and promote.

In the process of using the logo, the name of the certification body and the basic pattern are combined to reflect the main certification responsibility of the certification body. The attached letters represent the type of certification: S for safety certification, E for electromagnetic compatibility certification, and E and S appearing at the same time for comprehensive safety and electromagnetic compatibility certification, which is convenient for the market and customers to judge.

CR certified product range

CR certification is applicable to electronic products in the form of robots that can autonomously move and provide services according to preset procedures, as long as they belong to the category of robot products, CR certification can be performed.

Robot definition
National standard GB / T 12643-2013 definition of service robot: In addition to industrial automation applications, it can complete useful robots for humans or equipment.

Service robot classification

Service robots are divided into three categories: personal / home service robots, public service robots, and special operation robots. Details are as follows

CR certification application mode

Chinese robot CR certification application generally has two modes:
Mode A: Type test, the certification certificate is only valid for the sample sent (add the product sequence to the certificate), and does not specify the validity period of the certificate;
Model B: type test + factory inspection + supervision after obtaining the certificate (the certificate is applicable to products manufactured with the same model), and the certificate is valid for 5 years.
The difference between A and B modes: The B mode needs to have a robot label, that is, a logo. A mode has no labels.

Certified project standards

Application process

1. The enterprise applies to the NTEK testing agency (fill the corresponding application form)
2. Institution accepts application (application form accepted)
3. The two parties sign the contract and execute it
4. The enterprise provides corresponding technical documents, including a prototype;
5. Institutional confirmation of technical documents and sample review;
6, review completed and arrange testing;
7. The test is completed and passed, the technical documents are organized and submitted to the institution for application
8. Apply for a certificate successfully and scan it to the enterprise;
9. Settle the case;

Chinese robot CR certification cycle: 2 months, requires 2-3 prototypes.

Application materials

List of specific materials involved in the robot certification process
1. Application Information
(1) Formal application form (print or download the blank application form after filling in the application form online)
(2) Factory inspection questionnaire (when first applying for Model B)
(3) Product description

(1) Registration certificate of the client, producer, and production enterprise, such as business license and organization code (when first applying)
(2) When the client is a seller or importer, a copy of the relevant contract entered into by the seller and producer, importer and producer
(3) Power of attorney (if any)
(4) Effective supervision inspection report or factory inspection report (if any)
(5) Other required documents

3. Provide product-related information
(1) Product assembly drawing, electrical schematic diagram, product manual, etc.
(2) Electrical parameter table
(3) List of key parts / components and related certification reports
(4) Explanation of differences between various models in the same application unit
(5) Radio type approval certificate

Does the robot do CR certification or CCC certification in China?

Robot CR certification is currently a non-compulsory certification, CCC certification is a domestic compulsory certification, if you want to sell domestically, you need to do CCC certification, as long as the product is in the 3C catalog. It needs to be mentioned that when many robot products apply for CCC certification, they apply in accordance with the CCC product certification scope of 08 audio and video equipment, 09 information technology equipment, and 16 telecommunications terminal equipment. In addition, according to the interpretation of TC03-2019-01 by the China Quality Certification Center of the TC03 Technical Expert Group Secretariat of the State Accreditation and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China, autonomous movement and services such as mobile guidance, transmission, cleaning, etc. can be performed according to preset procedures Functional electronic products in the form of robots (such as welcome robots, food delivery robots, etc.) do not fall into the 08, 09, and 16 categories of mandatory products.

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