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Plastic additives testing

Basic introduction

Beitest provides professional testing services for plastic additives, including tougheners, extenders, mold inhibitors, fillers, etc. to help you control the application of plastic additives and obtain technical advantages.

Testing services

Physical and chemical properties additives testing
Thermal stabilizers, lubricants, plasticizers, tougheners, antistatic agents, coupling agents, colorants, antioxidants, light stabilizers, foaming agents, combustion aids, chemical crosslinking agents, coupling agents, etc.
Plastic filler detection
Glass fiber, carbon fiber, metal whisker, calcium carbonate, talc, clay, mica powder, silicon dioxide, diatomaceous earth, carbon black, cellulose, etc.

Test items

Performance indicators: content, impurity elements, particle size, whiteness, color, ash, acidity, alkalinity, moisture, refractive index, density, viscosity, melting point, boiling point, volatile content, softening point, crystallization temperature, insoluble matter, pH value , Iodine absorption value, oil absorption value, pore volume pore size, specific surface area, purity, limiting viscosity, scale inhibition performance, corrosion inhibition performance, critical micelle concentration, interfacial tension, wetting force, acid and alkali resistance, activity test, void volume Rate, thermal stability, stability, cooling, corrosiveness, tightness, detection of harmful substances, environmental performance testing, moisture content, trace elements, etc .;
Ingredient analysis: ingredient analysis, formula analysis, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, chemical composition analysis, formula reduction, etc.
Additive testing: the use of additives in plastic products, and the composition of compound star additives, accurate to the chemical name and percentage content;
Formula analysis: provide compound additives and plastic formula analysis technology, customers provide target products, we restore the formula of samples for customers;
Plastic improvement: Compare the target sample with the choice of additives and use to improve performance, such as strength, flame retardant, toughness, impact resistance, aging resistance or transparency;
Raw material evaluation: Auxiliaries and master batches of auxiliary factories use Hua spectrum analysis method to judge the ingredients of auxiliary materials and help customers evaluate the quality of auxiliary agents

Testing standards

HG / T 3712 Antioxidant 168
HG / T 3713 Antioxidant 1010
HG / T 3879 Thermal stabilizer methyl tin thiolate
TM-19 HG / T 3974 Antioxidant 626
HG / T 3975 Antioxidant 3114
HG / T 3726 Fluorescent Whitening Agent 351 (C.I. Fluorescent Whitening Agent 351)
HG / T 3727 Fluorescent Whitening Agent 220 (C.I. Fluorescent Whitening Agent 220)
HG / T 4037 Emulsifier FM

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