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German packaging law VerpackG

Introduction to German packaging law VerpackG

VerpackG is the German packaging law, replacing VerpackV, the previous German packaging regulation. VerpackG is suitable for all manufacturers, importers, distributors and online retailers who sell goods on the German market. All companies selling goods in Germany must prepare solutions to arrange packaging recycling after use to continue trading in the country.
German new packaging law VerpackG mandates manufacturers and sellers to sell products containing packaging for the first time, including outer packaging, final retail packaging, disposable containers / containers used in the catering industry, and shipping packaging materials. Declare the packaging materials, type and weight for sale.

VerpackG requirements for the new packaging method

Newly introduced Packaging Center Registration Foundation Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (
LUCID Management System
The law is for all packaging. And through the central database, better management of manufacturers and waste disposal system companies, more transparency, physical and chemical requirements consistent with the old packaging regulations
Try to use minimal packaging
It is recommended to mark the material according to the packaging material, such as PET, PVC, PAP, ALU, FE, GL, TEX
Total lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium not exceeding 100 mg / kg

Application process

1. Importers register online in the LUCID central database before entering the market;
2. Participate in the system company to sign a contract after obtaining the registration number;
3. Fill the data signed with the system company into the LUCID central database;
4. Data check and comparison.

Register information

VerpackG registration information:
1. Name, address and contact information of the registered subject;
2. Representative ID number, including the European or national tax ID of the manufacturer;
3. Brand names participating in packaging according to the mandatory system;
4. Announce that the manufacturer in question is performing its recycling duties and declare that the details provided are true.

Information required for online registration with LUCID

Information required for online registration in the LUCID central database
· Importer's name, address and contact information (public)
Natural person with representative / agent qualification
· Manufacturer identification number, or EU tax number
· Brand name (public)
Participation in a statement from one or more systems companies
· Statement of accuracy of submitted information

Fill the data signed by the system company into the LUCID central database and fill in the data
·Registration Number
· Packaging material and weight
· System company name
· Contract effective period

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