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Egypt NTRA Certification

Egypt NTRA certification profile

According to the relevant regulations issued by the Egyptian National Telecommunications Administration (NTRA), all communication equipment used in Egypt, including terminal equipment and radio communication equipment, need to obtain NTRA type certification. PVOC inspection: PVoC only issues CoC certificate of conformity, no certification mark. Agency logo for Kenya Standards Bureau (KEBS).


Applicable product range

1. Terminal equipment
1) Various types of telephones
2) Fax machine (sound connection device)
3) Card / Pay Phone
4) Various types of public / private switches
5) GSM mobile station and phone

2. Radio communication equipment
1) Radio transmitting / receiving equipment
2) Satellite communication equipment
3) Cordless phone
4) Radar device

3. All indoor / outdoor, limited / wireless IT communication equipment.

Application process

To apply for NTRA VOC certification, you must first obtain a CE NB certificate from an Egyptian accreditation agency, then transfer to NTRA VOC certification, and finally perform PVOC inspection.
1. CE NB, the cycle is 3-4 weeks, the sample is 1 fixed frequency machine + 2 sets of complete machine
2. NTRA VOC, the cycle is 10 working days, no samples
3, PVOC, inspection charges based on the value of goods

Type approval

Wireless terminal product NTRA certification
Wireless terminal products first consider their frequency bands, and must comply with the regulations of the Egyptian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority on the allocation of radio spectrum. CE and FCC have different certifications for wireless terminal products. CE-certified products must comply with the relevant harmonized standards of the R & TTE directive on electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, radio frequency, and personal safety, and obtain the EU Notifying Body (NB) audit certificate or opinion. book. Common harmonized standards include: the product name, model, software and hardware version, frequency band used, power, compliance standards, test report and technical document number will be indicated on the audit certificate or opinion. The FCC mainly considers compliance related to electromagnetic compatibility, radio frequency, and personal safety. Products based on FCC certification must comply with relevant requirements of 47 CFR Part 2, Part 22, Part 24 and other sections, and apply for and obtain TCB approval certificate.

Telecommunication terminal products NTRA certification
For telecommunication terminal products connected to the public telecommunication network, CE certification mainly considers electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and performance aspects. It needs to pass harmonized standards such as EN 60950-1, EN55022, EN55024, and interface performance such as TBR 21, TBR38 standard test. The authentication mode can adopt the way of self-declaration by enterprises or obtaining NB certification. The FCC mainly considers electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety and other aspects, and needs to comply with the relevant regulations of 47 CFR Part68. Through tests such as TIA-968-A, the certification mode can adopt the way of self-declaration by enterprises or obtaining TCB certification.

NTRA Type Certificate
(1) The competent authority issues only one type approval certificate for equipment of the same trademark and model when the equipment meets the following requirements:
Applicants must meet the requirements of the type certification regulations
Telecommunication equipment meets all relevant requirements
(2) The type certification certificate indicates the certificate holder, the certified equipment, the standards that the equipment complies with, and the origin of the manufacturer and manufacturer.
(3) If there is no unauthorized modification to the equipment that has passed the certification, the type certification certificate has no time limit.
(4) The type certification certificate does not authorize the use of recognized products that provide telecommunications services to others, and stipulates that the certificate can only be used by the certificate holder. Under no circumstances should a license or Telecommunications Act No. 10/2003 permit the approved products should be grouped together.

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