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ENEC certification

ENEC certification profile

ENEC (European Norms Electrical Certification) is a certification program of CENELEC (European Executive Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization Organization). Data equipment). Each European country has its own national certification mark. ENEC is a safety certification mark covering Europe.


As a valuable addition to the CE mark, the European Standards for Electrical Certification (ENEC) scheme is widely recognized in the European Union. The European Standards Electrical Certification (ENEC) program is authorized by the European Electrical Product Certification Association, allowing manufacturers and importers to clearly demonstrate compliance with European Standard (EN) related product safety requirements through independent third-party testing laboratory testing. Because ENEC certification must be issued by a professionally designated third-party agency, ENEC is a more reliable certification mark with higher value than the European mandatory manufacturer-declared CE mark.

ENEC certification also includes audits of production plants and annual sampling tests to ensure continued compliance with European standards.

Applicable area

The ENEC mark is unconditionally accepted and recognized by at least 20 European countries: such as Austria, Britain, Norway, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Denmark, Ireland, Spain Finland, Italy Sweden, France Luxembourg, Switzerland Germany, Netherlands .

Applicable product range

Lighting and accessories
Switching power supply
Appliance switch
IT equipment and audio and video equipment
Automatic electrical control device
Household appliances
Connectors, capacitors, filters

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