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Glass inspection

Basic introduction

Professional glass testing services, based on glass testing standards at home and abroad based on glass testing standards, mechanical properties, optical properties, impact resistance, and safety performance, North Test integrates industry resources and provides authoritative reports.

Testing services

Building glass inspection
Fire-resistant glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, homogeneous tempered glass, flat glass, insulating glass, vacuum glass, coated glass wire glass, grating glass, patterned glass, U-shaped glass for construction, mosaic glass, glass curtain wall, etc.
Industrial glass inspection
Tempered safety glass, electric heating glass, bullet-proof glass, semi-tempered glass, sight glass, automobile safety glass, automobile rear window heating glass, heat-insulating coating glass, glass for solar cells, etc.
Special glass inspection
High pressure resistant glass, high temperature resistant high pressure glass, high temperature resistant glass, fireplace glass, wave soldering glass, oven glass, temperature resistant high pressure resistant glass, ultraviolet glass, optical glass, blue cobalt glass, etc.
Other glass products testing
Glass fiber, glass fiber, glass fiber reinforced plastic, cellophane, water glass, metallic glass, fluorite (fluorite), etc.

Test items

Dimension and appearance requirements: appearance quality, size and allowable deviation, bending degree
Mechanical properties: curvature, surface stress, shot bag impact performance, impact resistance, thermal shock resistance, wind pressure resistance, etc.
Optical performance: visible light transmittance, visible light reflectance
Safety performance requirements: heat resistance, humidity resistance, radiation resistance, drop ball impact peeling performance, shot bag impact performance

Testing standards

GB 15763-2009 safety glass for building
GB 11614-2009 flat glass
JC / T 1079-2008 vacuum glass
GB / T 18915-2002 coated glass
GB 11946-2013 marine toughened safety glass
GB 9656-2003 automotive safety glass
JC / T 651-2011 quartz glassware crucible
JC / T 2157-2012 low expansion transparent glass-ceramic
GB / T 15763.2-2009 Standard for safety glass for building. Part 2 Tempered glass
GB / T 15763.3-2009 Standard for safety glass for building. Part 3 Laminated glass

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