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American MET certification

Introduction to US MET certification

MET (MET Laboratories, Inc) is short for Maryland Electrical Testing. Established in 1959 in Maryland (U.S. headquarters), the first Nationally Recognized Laboratory (NRTL). Engaged in hair product testing technology and certification. U.S. laboratories are located in Baltimore (Maryland), Santa Clara (California, Silicon Valley), Union City (California, Silicon Valley), Austin (Texas, Texas), the United States branch Located in Detroit, Detroit, Chicago, North Carolina, North Carolina.


Applicable area

The MET certification mark is applicable to the US and Canadian markets: The MET mark with C-US indicates that the product has been tested and meets the applicable standards of the United States and Canada. It can enter both markets at the same time.

Applicable product range

MET's safety certification mark has the same effect as the UL mark in North America. MET can perform tests and certifications recognized by the US and Canadian governments on a variety of electrical products such as electronics, home appliances, telecommunications equipment, medical equipment, and power tools.
Audio and video products: LCD / CRT TV, LED advertising display, audio and video amplifier, tuner / mixer, DVD / CD Player, iPod / MP3 / MP4;
Industrial control products: industrial computers, control cabinets, machine tools, lighting fixtures;
New LED lights: LED screen, table lamp / floor lamp, wall hanging lamp / wall lamp, portable moving lamp, projection lamp, pendant lamp;
Small appliances: coffee pot, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, refrigerator, ice maker, heater, fan, charger, game machine, information product;
Communication station: desktop / laptop, LCD / CRT monitor, server, gateway / bridge / ADSL Modem, network relay equipment, printer / copier / scanner / fax machine, paper shredder / bank POS machine, medical products
Blood pressure monitor / thermometer: blood analyzer / biochemical analyzer, B ultrasound machine / color ultrasound machine / X-ray machine, nuclear magnetic resonance, medical electronic weighing scale, medical monitoring display;
Electric tools: electric drill, electric screwdriver, electric saw, electric planer, electric grinder;
Test equipment: rangefinder, electric scale, instrument, network analyzer.

Application process

1. The customer fills in the application form and MET provides a quotation
2. Customer signing quotation
3.MET provides relevant documents and payment details of the application information form
4. Customers pay
5. Product qualification counseling
6. The client submits all required application documents and samples
7.MET test and provide account and password for project tracking
8. End the test and verify the documents
9.First factory inspection
10. Issue certificates and reports

Application information

1. Circuit Schematic electrical schematic diagram, circuit board wiring diagram
2.Construction Diagram product structure diagram, internal diagram
3. Product Manual, better with pictures
4.BOM product key parts list

MET necessity

1. Significantly reduce the cost of certification testing. MET manages the company's operations with a flat organizational structure, which greatly reduces management costs, so it has more cost advantages in product certification and higher cost performance.
2. Significantly reduce factory inspection costs. MET, as a customer-oriented certification company, did not adopt "fine" measures when abnormal items were found during factory inspections. At the same time, MET advocates a human-friendly factory inspection model, giving customers 3 and more factory guidance!
4. Reduce the energy spent on certification. MET can provide technical guidance to customers, so that customers can quickly grasp the relevant product requirements. In this way, customers can greatly reduce research efforts on product technology.
5. Reduce the time spent on certification. MET continuously improves the service process, greatly shortening the process time, and giving customers more time to market.
6. The customer fills in the application form and MET provides a quotation


Factory inspection
MET certified factory inspections are performed twice a year, except for products used in hazardous environments. Products used in hazardous environments are marked in the MET report, and the corresponding factory inspection is 4 times a year. Beginning in March 2009, at the request of relevant US government departments, all new Chinese factories applying for certification were changed to four inspections in the first year and then twice a year thereafter.

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