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Kuwait KUCAS certification

Kuwait KUCAS certification profile

KUCAS certification is a type of certification in Kuwait. Kuwait notified the TBT Committee on December 17, 2006 that it intended to implement the new Kuwait Local Conformity Assurance System (KUCAS) in place of the current International Conformity Certification Program (ICCP). Taking into account the valuable comments received from members of the TBT Committee on the KUCAS guidelines, Kuwait hereby informs the TBT Committee to extend the comment period and postpone the implementation of KUCAS in accordance with the dates indicated in items 9 and 10 of this notification in order to allow sufficient time Various opinions will be studied and consideration will be given to revising the guidelines as much as possible.

KUCAS Certification Program

1) All required products must conform to Kuwait's national technical regulations or relevant international standards;
2) For each batch of specified products exported, it is necessary to hold an ICCP certificate (CC) with the goods for customs clearance.
3) When the goods arrive at the port of entry of the importing country without a CC certificate, the specified cargo may be rejected or sample testing may be required. Failure to meet the requirements of the importing country will result in an order to return to the port of shipment, resulting in unnecessary delays and losses to the exporter or manufacturer.
The ICCP plan provides three ways for exporters or manufacturers to obtain CC certificates. Customers can choose the most suitable method according to the nature of their products, the degree of compliance with standards, and the frequency of shipments. The CC certificate is issued by PAI Country Office (PCO) authorized by Kuwait.
There are three types of compliance with the ICCP certification program:
1) Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) and pre-shipment test (PST).
Customs inspection inspection fee: if FOB amount is less than or equal to USD 200,000: fee = 0.45% × FOB amount (minimum: CHY 1,750), if FOB amount is between USD 200,000 to USD 1 million: fee = USD 900+ (FOB-200,000 USD) 0.3%, if the amount of FOB exceeds USD 1 million
2) Registration and pre-shipment inspection

KUCAS certified product range

7 types of products are required
6.Building materials
7, other categories

KUCAS certification requirements

1. Rated voltage: The rated voltage of 240V can be marked as 220V-240V, 230V, 230V-240V and 240V. Electrical products with a rated voltage of 220V shall not enter Kuwait
2. Frequency: 50Hz
3. The plug charger needs to comply with BS1363-1, BS1363-2 or BS546 standards. Plugs for electrical wiring must meet the above standards.
4. Except water cooler, there is no requirement for ambient temperature
5.The rated voltage of the incandescent lamp must be 240V

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