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Argentina ENACOM certification

Introduction to ENACOM certification in Argentina

The Argentina ENACOM certification is a mandatory certification for wireless and telecommunications products. All devices connected to public telecommunication networks and using radio frequency bands need to apply for ENACOM certification. For the export of wireless communication products to Argentina, it is required to apply for ENACOM certification. The original regulatory unit of Argentina's wireless certification was CNC, which was later changed to AFTIC, and then changed to ENACOM after 2015.

ENACOM certification basic information
Whether mandatory certification: Yes
Test content: RF
Do you need a factory inspection: No
Local testing: required
Local agent: required
Certificate validity: 3 years

Certification type

There are two forms of authentication
Homologación (Argentine Standard Certification) or Codificación (Recognized Certification in the absence of standards).

Applicable product range

Most telecommunication line terminal equipment and radio frequency equipment need to be tested.
· All terminal equipment connected to the public telephone network;
· Low-power spread-spectrum communications products operating in the 2.4–2.4835 GHz band;
· Most radio equipment.

Application process

1.Sampling Argentina test
2. No factory inspection required
3. Certificate holder: Argentina importer
4.One certificate per model
5.One certificate and one certificate
6. Certificate validity: 3 years
7. Certification cycle: 12-14 weeks (calculated from the time the samples arrive in the Argentina laboratory for testing and complete data)

Note: Argentina importers or distributors must complete ENACOM registration in order to obtain a certificate

Application materials

1.Spain manual
2. Product nameplate
3. Photos inside and outside the product
4.Test software
5, technical specifications
6, technical information
7. Antenna specifications
8.Customer basic information form
9. Argentina importer information (if available)
10.3 samples

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