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Pigment dye detection

Basic introduction

A powdery substance used to pigment. It does not dissolve in water, grease, resin, organic solvents and other media, but can disperse evenly in these media and make the media color, and it has a certain hiding power.
Dyes are colored substances. But colored substances are not necessarily dyes. As a dye, it is necessary to be able to attach a certain color to the fiber. And it is not easy to fall off and discolor.

Testing products

Pigment filler:
Titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide, Lide powder, chromium oxide, phthalocyanine green, lead chrome yellow, pigment carbon black, mica powder, cadmium red pigment, ceramic pigment, acrylic pigment, gouache pigment, organic pigment, inorganic pigment, chemical pigment, plastic Pigments, iron oxide pigments, wall painting pigments, hand-painted wall pigments, etc.
Disperse dyes, acid dyes, basic dyes, sulfur dyes, reactive dyes, cationic dyes, neutral dyes, vat dyes, direct dye oxidation dyes, polycondensation dyes, ice dyes, chemical dyes, natural dyes, oil dyes, metal chromium Dyes, solvent dyes, vegetable dyes, etc.

Test items

Physical properties: appearance, transparency, color, adhesion, pH value, flash point, density, viscosity, fineness, ash, moisture, specific volume, composition analysis, volume solid content, iron oxide test, etc .;
Chemical properties: water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, weather resistance;
Construction performance: consumption, oil absorption, paint film abrasiveness, leveling, hiding power, sagging, usage, paint film thickness (wet film thickness, dry film thickness), drying time (surface dry, hard dry), etc. ;
Aging test: salt fog aging, high and low temperature cycling, light aging, ozone aging, artificial accelerated aging and other aging projects;
Harmful substances: VOC, benzene content, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene total, free formaldehyde content, total TDI and HDI content, glycol ether, heavy metal content (lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium, etc.).

Testing standards

    GB / T 1707-1995
    GB / T 1706-2006 titanium dioxide pigment
    GB / T 1710-2008 Comparison of Lightfastness of Similar Colored Pigments
    DB37 / 736-2007 Titanium dioxide pigment product energy consumption limit
    GB / T 15614-1995 Determination of gloss of ceramic pigments for daily use
    GB / T 1711-1989 Comparison of thermal stability of pigments in drying paint
    GB / T 1713-2008 Determination of pigment density
    GB / T 1717-1986 Determination of pH value of pigment aqueous suspension
    FZ / T 52011-2011 cationic dyeable dyeable polyester staple fiber
    FZ / T 54037-2011 cationic dyeable polyester drawn yarn
    GA / T 819-2009 Analytical method of acid dyes on protein fibers
    GA / T 820-2009 Analytical method for disperse dyes on polyester fibers
    FZ / T 51003-2011 cationic dyeable polyester chip (CDP)
    GB / T 10663-2003 Disperse dyes Determination of transferability
    GB / T 12680-2008 Determination of general properties of alcohol-soluble dyes
    GB / T 1637-2006 Determination of shade and intensity of soluble vat dyes
    GB / T 1639-2006 Determination of solubility of soluble reducing dyes
    GB / T 13451.2-1992 Determination of relative tinting power of pigments and relative scattering power of white pigments
    GB / T 1747.2-2008 Paints and varnishes. Determination of pigment content. Part 2: Ashing method
    GB / T 18251-2000 Determination of pigment or carbon black dispersion in polyolefin pipes, fittings and mixtures
    GB / T 17520-1998 Determination of solubility and solution stability of reactive dyes in the presence of electrolytes

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