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Australian Energy Efficiency GEMS Certification

Introduction to Australian Energy Efficiency GEMS Certification

In order to improve the energy efficiency of electrical equipment and products in various industries, and to promote significant economic and environmental benefits, Australia and New Zealand have issued greenhouse gas and energy low-standard technical regulations (referred to as GEMS), which took effect on October 1, 2012. The new GEMS Regulations replace previous MEPS certifications (minimum performance standards).

In terms of MEPS registration, GEMS regulations, compared to the past, applicants can not choose any state to register on the Australian official website. Instead, they must uniformly register with Australian Regulator. At the same time, in the Australian states and jurisdictions at the same time, For all product types, GEMS regulations no longer set a single registration fee. Product types will be divided into four categories. Registration fees range from 440 AUD to 780 AUD, and the registration period is 5 years.


Applicable product range

The products currently regulated by GEMS certification are:
Compact fluorescent lamps, extra-low voltage converters, double-ended fluorescent lamps, fluorescent ballasts, incandescent lamps, washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, external power supplies, televisions, digital set-top boxes, electric water heaters, air conditioners and heat pumps, three-phase motors , Household refrigeration appliances, refrigeration towers / precision air conditioners, commercial refrigerators, showcases, distribution transformers, etc.

application process

1. Select the product to be tested. The test is based on the same standard as the original MEPS certification. Generally speaking, as long as the test report provided by an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory can be recognized;
2. Submit the test report and other materials for GEMS registration, and the GEMS certification will be obtained after the data review is passed. The new GEMS regulations mainly have new requirements in terms of registration. Applicants cannot choose a single state for registration, but are unified to the Australian Regulator for registration. According to the product category, the registration period is 5 years.

Application information

1.Application form and authorization letter
2. Product Label contains the corresponding certification mark
Product Photo
Countries requiring factory inspections are usually required, but CIG 023 factory inspection reports are usually acceptable

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