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Pigment dye test

Basic introduction

Professional pigment fuel testing services. Beitest Testing integrates industry-wide resources to provide comprehensive pigment dye testing services. According to various testing standards, it provides exclusive solutions and authoritative third-party testing reports to better solve your problems.

Testing services

Pigment detection
Titanium dioxide pigment, Lide powder, iron oxide pigment, chromium oxide green pigment, iron oxide yellow pigment, iron oxide black pigment, zinc oxide (indirect method) pigment, lead chromate pigment and lead molybdate chromate pigment, cadmium red pigment, paint Barium metaborate, mica pearlescent pigments, phthalocyanine green, phthalocyanine blue, toluidine red, benzidine yellow, yellow dan, red dan, red powder, fast yellow, iron blue pigment, synthetic mica pearlescent pigment, etc.
Color paste detection
Colorants for color system, water-based colorants for architectural coatings, water-based colorants for synthetic leather, etc.
Dye detection
Acid dyes, basic dyes, direct dyes, reactive dyes, disperse dyes, sulfur dyes, vat dyes, solvent dyes, cationic dyes, reactive dyes, fluorescent brighteners, chromol, carbazole, acidic particle blue, indigo, large Red base, red base, medium black, leather black, high temperature leveling agent, etc.

Test items

Physical properties: color, gloss, fineness, viscosity, initial drying, tinting strength, adhesion fastness, anti-blocking, fluidity, conjunctival drying, PH value, relative density, oil absorption, whiteness, sieve residue, tinting strength , Hiding power, dispersibility, wash fastness, flow, fineness, viscosity, ash, moisture, solubility, solution stability, bulk density, leveling, migration, fixation rate, discharge, Swimming, dust flying and so on.
Reliability: UV aging, xenon lamp aging, neutral or acid salt spray test, heat stability, light resistance, resistance to liquid media, etc.
Toxic and harmful substances: o-benzene, azo, heavy metals, etc.

Testing standards

GB / T 1706-2006 titanium dioxide pigment
GB / T 1707-2012 Lide powder
GB / T 1863-2008 iron oxide pigment
GB / T 3184-2008 lead chromate pigment and lead molybdate chromate pigment
HG / T 3007-1999 Barium metaborate for coatings
HG / T 3001-1999 iron blue pigment
GB / T 21473-2008 color paste for color mixing system
HG / T 3951-2007 water-based colorant for architectural coatings
GB / T 21888-2008 Acid Brilliant Red P-9B 150% (C.I. Acid Red 131)
HG / T 2083-2006 Basic Brilliant Purple 3B
GB / T 25790-2010 Reaction Orange KN-3R 150% (C.I. Reaction Orange 16)
GB / T 25803-2010 Disperse Violet HFRL (C.I. Disperse Violet 26)
GB / T 10661-2010 fluorescent whitening agent VBL (C.I. fluorescent whitening agent 85)
GB 2404-2006 chlorobenzene
GB / T 2405-2013 anthraquinone
GB / T 9335-2009 Nitrobenzene

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