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Indonesia SNI certification

SNI certification introduction

SNI is the abbreviation of Standard National Indonesia, which means the Indonesian National Standard, or SNI for short. It is the only standard applicable in Indonesia. It is formulated by the Indonesian Technical Committee and defined by the Indonesian National Standards Agency. NI started on September 7, 2007. As of 2010, the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia has issued 53 mandatory national standards (Standard National Indonesia / SNI), involving automotive and motorcycle parts, home appliances, building materials, cables and other fields. Products that have not passed the National Standard Indonesia (SNI) certification will be banned, and products that have already entered the market will be compulsorily removed from the shelves. All regulated products exported to Indonesia must have the SNI marking, otherwise they cannot enter the Indonesian market.

Requirements to apply for SNI certification

1. The applicant company must have a legal agent in Indonesia
2. Trademark application must be registered in Indonesia
3. The factory must have ISO 9001 or similar system certification

Materials required for SNI certification

1.Application form
2. The company's business license, tax registration certificate, organization code and other relevant certification documents that prove the establishment and existence of the enterprise;
3. ISO certificate, quality manual and procedure files;
4. Product production process flow chart (from raw materials to finished products);
5. Company organization chart;
6. List of raw materials (including raw material names, suppliers, product quality certificates, etc.), and raw material inspection records;
7. Indonesia local trademark registration certificate

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