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Battery testing certification

Basic introduction

The battery has a wide range of applications and can be used in all walks of life. How to solve and ensure the safety of the battery is the top priority for successfully promoting and applying various products.
Beitest Battery Lab provides a full range of battery testing and certification services to ensure that the quality of the battery meets the requirements of standards around the world. The battery laboratory equipment is accurate and the test standards are complete, which can meet the battery standard requirements in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, China and other countries. A team of case engineers and test engineers with high professional quality can follow up the project and feedback issues promptly and promptly, and provide professional rectification suggestions and engineering evaluation services.

Service area

Product Range
1. Lithium-based batteries: rechargeable batteries, disposable lithium-ion, polymer lithium batteries
2. Nickel battery: NiMH / NiCd battery
3. Alkaline or carbon disposable batteries: disposable batteries of various models
4. Other types of batteries: lead-acid batteries / power batteries

Test Range

1. Electrical test: low rate charging, overcharge test, overdischarge test
2. Battery performance test: capacity test, DC / AC internal resistance
3. Mechanical test: impact, impact / extrusion, vibration
4. Environmental simulation test: low pressure, thermal shock, temperature cycle
5. Failure test: short circuit, single failure test

Common test standards

North Test Service Example

Consumer battery performance tests to verify compliance with claims in marketing advertisements
Consumer battery performance and safety testing for major retailers
Identification of mobile phone batteries
Security through-train service (integrated battery, equipment, charger and controller test integrated phone service)
Exclusive security performance testing and product performance testing for the world's leading mobile phone manufacturers
Manufacturer-exclusive safety testing and product performance testing
Identification of mobile power

Battery testing standards

Safety requirements for portable sealed secondary cells or batteries-IEC / EN 62133
Portable rechargeable batteries and lithium batteries-IEC 61960
Household and Commercial Batteries (Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, Carbonic Acid)-UL2054
Lithium-ion battery-UL1642
Safety requirements for sealed batteries and batteries for portable equipment in Japan-JISC 8712
Safety requirements for lithium ion batteries, single cells, and battery packs for portable electronic equipment in Japan-JISC 8712
Safety Requirements for Lithium-ion Batteries, Single Cells and Battery Packs for Portable Electronic Equipment in Korea-KS C 60050-482 and KS A ISO / IEC Guide 51

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