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Hygienic fragrance test

Health Fragrance Test Introduction

Sanitary incense originates from ancient China and ancient India, and has a history of thousands of years. Chinese incense has a long history, dating back to ancient sacrificial rituals. Nowadays, hygienic incense is widely used in various occasions, mainly in Buddhism. There are many places in daily life where people also use hygienic incense, used as incense to drive insects and deodorize. However, it should be noted that the sanitary incense contains chemical components. In an indoor environment with relatively no air circulation, lighting the sanitary incense for a long time will be harmful to human health.
Sanitary incense is that people use various wood powder (combustible bark and broken tree trunks) and sticky powder to make various incense cakes, incense balls, incense sticks, stick incense, pan incense, etc. according to a certain ratio. Add some scented materials (various spices and flavors), and ignite it to make it a scent of worship, worship of the Buddha, smoked house lavender, insect repellent, fragrant environment, and physical and mental functions of a traditional national lifestyle.

Harm of inferior fragrance

A large number of inferior incenses contain carcinogens such as benzene and formaldehyde. There are many monks and lay men who cause lung cancer due to inhaling chemical cigarette gas. Not to mention whether such incense can play a role in communicating with the Buddha, the harm to themselves is very terrible. Therefore, the development of uniform test standards and standardization of market requirements have become urgently important measures.

standard test

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